Proform 595LE- turns on full speed without safety key.

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Hi everyone,
This is my first time posting. Searching for the MC-60 motor control board lead me here, but I can't seem to find my exact problem.
I have a Proform 595LE treadmill I got for free because it was not working and I was hoping it was something simple. The treadmill turns on full speed when the power switch is flipped the safety key doesn't need to be in for it to start. When I put the key in the console lights up and the incline will work but the speed reads 0.0, the speed readout will increase but doesn't affect the motor. All of the lights on the control board turn on when the power switch is turned on but the speed control and SRC dim almost immediately. So far I have checked the data cable for continuity, examined the board for any shorts or damaged parts, and replaced the MOC on the motor control board. After I replaced the MOC I put everything back together and turned it on the same thing happened, I read this could mean there is moisture in the bottom board and to let it run for 10min, I let it run for about 2 min the motor started sparking (not sure if that's just dirty contacts) and the lights in my garage where I am working on this at flickered, I have it plugged into a surge protector but I don't think the motor should have been drawing enough power to make the lights flicker. The motor control board is an MC-60, I'm not sure what the powerboard is. I have worked with soldering electronics and a tiny bit of troubleshooting so I always say I know just enough to be dangerous, so if anyone has some advice I would really appreciate it.
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