Need help measuring MPH and Incline from MC-2100 treadmill motor

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Hello everyone,
I made a post before on here (I am new) but I think I posted it in the wrong sub-forum and I got no responses.

  1. I have a Nordic Track T5.7 with a MC-2100LS-30 motor in it.
  2. I have connected an Arduino Uno to the wiring harness that connects the controller to the console like so:
    1. Blue Wire to pin 9 on arduino
      1. "This wire carries the square wave speed control signal from the console to the power board. The duty cycle of
        this 5 VDC signal is used to set the speed of the treadmill. At the maximum duty cycle of 85% (meaning the 5 VDC is being sent 85% of the time and not being sent 15% of the time), approximately 4 VDC can be measured. At lower speeds, a lower voltage will be measured. "
    2. Green wire to pin 3 on arduino
      1. "This wire brings the speed sensor signal to the console. This is a pulsing 0, 5 VDC signal as the treadmill is
        running. When the treadmill is at rest, this voltage may measure either 0 VDC or 5 VDC. "
I am getting output to my arduino but I have no idea how to read the data in terms of MPH. I have seen some stuff in getting the RPM but from what I have tried does not seem to work.

Here is a link to the other thread I made that has a bit more info and some pictures.

Please help, thanks!
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