1. ashokraj

    ESP12F doesnt work after cycling the power until hard reset

    Hi, I have designed ESP12F with CH340G(USB- UART converter) with auto programming feature. As shown below. I have programmed in Arduino IDE. As long as power is there, the board runs the code. But After I cycle the power, the board doesn't run the program! until I hard reset the ESP12F...
  2. Y

    Arduino smart car to avoid obstacles

    Arduino intelligent tracking and obstacle avoidance car, I have achieved obstacle avoidance and tracking, how to make the car on the track to avoid obstacles and then back to the track, how to achieve with ultrasound, how to adjust the ultrasound, and the angle of the servo? int Echo = A1; //...
  3. Arduinoob

    MOSFET for boost converter

    I am making a boost converter following this Tutorial but I don't have the exact MOSFET. I have 2 motherboards laying around and they have some MOSFETs on them some of the names are: P3055, K3918,6670AL(datasheet inserted). There are high switching speeds but the datasheets don't have the max...
  4. A

    detect pressure of the arm coming together

    hi I am developing simple circuit where I am trying to detect pressure when arms coming together when hand bended. the device will be placed near the L bow of hand and when user bend the arm, the device measure the pressure and beep if pressure is higher than set limit. I know micro controller...
  5. Y

    Tap on the LCD does not respond

    I made a project to implement it on LCD through both Arduino and STM32, but after I use Arduino, there is no response when I connect to STM32 to click, what is going on?
  6. Y

    Tic-Tac-Toe game with Arduino/Raspberry Pi and STONE Screen (Solved)

    I recently bought Arduino UNO and Raspberry Pi boards, and I also bought a new TFT LCD from STONE, and I want to make a simple mini-game about Tic Tac Toe. Which microcontroller should I use is better? Does anyone have a similar project or experience that I can learn from? It's my first time to...
  7. O

    Multiple LEDs driven from one pin

    Hi All, First time post here and looking for some advice on a simple circuit to see if I have it correct. I am trying to drive four LEDs from one Arduino (5V Pro Micro or Mini) pin. Five pins will be eventually used all doing the same thing although at any one time only one pin will be "on"...
  8. N

    Arduino. Hey i doing a timer with a 555 chip and i need help with the code

    The idea is that i use two switches. the left switch sets the diodes to the right. for every click a diod lights up and i equal to one blink from the 555. You can maximum set the time to 10 blinks (cyels). When it is 5 seconds left the right diod goes low and then the next etc. When the time is...
  9. M

    Linear Actuator is not working with BTS7960

    Hello, I am trying to run linear actuator with BTS7960 motor driver and Arduino UNO. But, the code seems fine, wiring seems fine but after uploading the code, the linear actuator does not start. I am using two push buttons to extend and retract the actuator. The code is shown below: byte...
  10. Mulo2k2

    Help with this dc offset circuit

    Qualcuno può aiutarmi con una spiegazione della funzione di questo circuito. Translated; Can anyone help me with an explanation of the function of this circuit I can't find any article on the web
  11. Leonard Lim

    Extend wireless connection range with Sony PS2 controller

    I am coming up with a project - Robotic arm rover by using Arduino. I decided to use a PS2 controller to control and send command. The wireless connection range is around 10 m. Is there any way to work around so that the wireless range can be boost up to 300 m at least? Is there any add on...
  12. T

    How can i make a power supply with arduino due?

    hello everyone, i got a question: I need to make a power supply to heat a heater, for that I need to use an arduino due, and use one of the analog pins (it´s like a built-in DAC) of this microcontroller, and draw voltage from that pin, with an external current source or something similar, I...
  13. L

    16 Rocket Semi-Simultaneous Launch Controller

    So about to buy parts for a Cub Scout model rocket launch control system! Yay!!! It is made of multiple boxes, each with a big 12V battery and an Arduino, networked together. At the launch pads, each Pad Box needs to power both the static 5V control logic AND 12V through relays to between one...
  14. J

    MPU9250 and HMC5883L sensor fusion

    Hi. I’m working on a robot project and I need to get gyro, accelerometer data from MPU9250 and magnetometer data from HMC5883L then combine them. I will use arduino as a platform. Is it possible to do it? I have never used these sensors before. What are your advices for this project?
  15. M

    Controlling high power LED with transistor and Arduino

    Hello, I'm doing a small project and I'm stuck. I want to control brightness of 90v 185mA LED strip with my Arduino Uno. I used bd941 transistor in series with LED strip and I'm sending signal form arduino PWM digital pin to 100om resistor and then to transistor base.(in datasheets for...
  16. beic

    i2c Pull-up resistors for multiple chips

    Hi there, I wish to connect multiple i2c chips together on the same PCB board, these chips are DS1307, DS1621 and AT24C256. My question is, do I need to put 6 x 4.7k pull-up resistor (2 resistor / chip) or 2 x would be Ok for those three chips as shared? Also what will happen if I would...
  17. D

    Measure voltage on 12v SLA battery with arduino

    I've been reading how to measure voltage using an arduino uno (cheap knock off) analog pin. I have a project that will be powered by a 12v SLA battery. I do have a 7805 to get 5v to the arduino and a few components. I would like to turn on a red LED when the voltage gets down around 11v as...
  18. farzad latifeh

    INA219 Sensor faulty output

    I made a device to track battery discharge pattern, it works with Arduino and INA219 Sensor, as you can see in the schematic, the system is wired somehow with a common GND, when I put one battery in the device, it works as I expected with 3.9 Ohm resistor in the path, but when I add second and...
  19. E

    how to properly make a charging circuit -- 2s 7.4V to 5V 2A

    I have 2 18650 li-ion cells, each at 3.7v (in case you don't see the pictures, they are available here : https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/posts/121847 ) and this bay with this white connector I saw on youtube that depending on the length of the cell, we can know whether they have...
  20. B

    l298N motor driver one terminal is not working.

    Hello guys, Im beginner in this field, so pls be patient with me. So here's my question, Why is one of the terminal (they call it motor1 ) of l298n not working but the other side(the motor 2 ) is working. By the why I am using 2 linear actuator same 12v and my power supply is 12v and i did the...