1. arduino17

    Arduino Timer Project With Data Logging

    Hey there, I have a several enquiries to ask regarding my Arduino Project But before that, I would like to explain what my project is about: As you can see from the images, I plan to make an automated timer system where System 2 detects the tray placed on it through a switch, in which if the...
  2. M

    Arduino RC car project having issues

    Hello, so as the title says I am currently making a RC car as a little project while I try to learn Arduino more. The car is a Bluetooth controlled car controlled using a HC-06 Bluetooth Module. My main issue currently is that I have made the design minus a schematic, made the code for the...
  3. Svennn

    Wine bottle storage quality sensor thesis

    Good evening all, Background: I am final year Electrical & Electronic engineering student currently in the process of completing my undergraduate thesis. The thesis topic consists of making a low-cost, non-intrusive, battery powered electronic device that is small enough to fit in the punt (the...
  4. F

    Measure Conductivity

    I have a conductivity kit from Atlas Scientific, but the ezo conductivity module is missing. I just connected the sensor probe to pin A0 on the Arduino Uno with the analogRead command in the source code. However, I'm still confused about the sensor output. Can I convert sensor output to...
  5. T

    Question about SCT's

    Hi, I am currently trying to make an arduino based Power Meter. I will buy the SCT010T-D ct from YHDC. My question is the following. The ct says it has a DC 5v output at 5-10-20 etc Amps depending on the model. Does that mean the output is a sine wave with dc offset (which requires more...
  6. E

    Bigger number addition not working in Arduino

    I am using a water flow sensor and i want to keep track of flow amount for a month. So for that i am adding it the variable which of uint64_t type. Now addition works for uint32_t datatypes but does not work for uint64_t data types. is there any snippet or algorithm which can add uint64_t...
  7. E

    Looking for Microphone Suggestions

    Hello! This is my first forum post so hopefully I'm posting in the correct discussion forum. Long story short, I'm looking for some microphone suggestions. I'm currently working on a project that is trying to record respiration with a small microphone positioned 1-2cm away from the mouth. So...
  8. Lucky-Luka

    Arduino 12V digital input

    Hi all I want to detect a 12V signal using an Arduino Nano v3. I've decided to use a NPN transistor to do so. Is it a valid solution? I've tried the circuit and it looks like it works fine. I've tried to use the 100k res at the base but I don't really know if it's the best value. How to chose...
  9. MacaroniLeader

    Can you share common neutral with different voltage system?

    I have 3 AC to DC transformers powered by same breaker AC breaker: 1. 120ac to 48v dc 2. 120ac to 24v dc 3. 120ac to 12v dc 4. 12v dc to 9v dc step down to power Arduino 5. 5v dc sensor system powered by Arduino board and ground from Arduino board Is it possible to have one neutral/ground bar...
  10. B

    Microelectronics Motorized Pinwheel proteus design

    I need to build the motorized pinwheel project in proteus. Arduino 328 should be used as seen in the 2nd photo. I will be grateful if you could help me.
  11. MrsssSu

    Stepper Motor not get enough power

    Dear readers, I followed this code at here and built its circuit. However, the stepper motor does not get enough power or even torque or speed so that when I can stop the wheels easily by slightly touching them? Are there any solutions for this? I have checked that my battery are all...
  12. N

    LED Combination control using Arduino

    Hello! I am a beginner at Arduino. I need to implement a simple circuit to control various LED glow scenarios and their reset using tact switches. I request to please help me with this project. I am attaching the image of the assembly done on bread board. The circuit is intended to function...
  13. stcline

    Looking for an alternative to the Arduino Web Editor for classes

    I teach high school robotics and our introductory course uses Arduinos as the microcontroller. While I do like the Arduino Web Editor as they have fixed some of the bugs over the last couple of years there is one problem to the free version. There is a daily limit on compiler time and...
  14. dieforedoras17

    Liquid Boiling Mechanism (W1209 thermostat relay wiring)

    Hello, I m working on a project for understanding of milks boiling process.I will save and graph tempreture data via Arduino Uno(with Micro SD module module and RTC).I m beginner and I m figuring out projects technical requirements step by step. Component list D18B20 Water Proof Tempreture...
  15. djsfantasi

    Why we need the whole story

    I’ve been helping someone overseas develop an Arduino controlled magic trick. It’s very frustrating remotely troubleshooting. She’s already burnt up two Arduino Unos. Then tonight, we were discussing the color coded scheme I’ve been using. Her husband appeared on our video call and asked his...
  16. Canbo68

    Motor shield on Arduino constantly driving motor1 problem

    I have a pololu dual mc33926 motor driver shield sitting on top of an arduino mega 2560 driving 2 maxon 363789 motors. The arduino is powered by usb serial and the motor driver is powered by lityum ion battery pack. This works fine on one side of my robot. Additionally the other side has exactly...
  17. Bruno Malbusca

    ESP-WROOM-02 is not responding to AT commands as expected

    I using the ESP-WROOM-02 (esp8266 core) as WIFI module and the samd21g18 as main processing unit. To test, I´m using the ESP-WROOM-02 DEV board kitc and an Arduino nano IOT which has also a samd21g18 MCU. I flashed the ESP-WROOM-02 via the ESP flash download tool with the [AT Firmware...
  18. Bruno Malbusca

    SPI on SAMD21G18 not working

    Hello, I've been attempting to use SERCOM2 SPI Master on the SAMD21G18J but have been unsuccessful. I tried the configurations with SERCOM0 and SERCOM4, and they both worked. The most intriguing behavior is that when I initialize the SERCOM2 SPI, all of the other I/O pins stop working as well...
  19. P

    Upload firmware from ESP32 to arduino

    I have 2 microcontroller in same board, one is ESP32 and other is Atmega 328p, I need to upgrade the Atmega firmware, but I need to go where the board is and do it, I would like to do online way, there’s a way to ESP32 upload the new firmware on Atmega? just send the firmware to ESP?
  20. Z

    Touchless Toggle Switch Help

    Need help simplifying this project as arduino is abit overkill for this application. I am abit noob at electronics and wondering if there are any IC's or modules that will simplify or make this project more efficient. Thanks. Description IR-1 and IR-2 are IR obstacle avoidance sensor modules...