1. G

    12V, 12A input to variable voltage with an Arduino for Peltier elements

    Hi, everybody, I want to control two Peltier elements (up to 15V, max 6A each) with an Arduino. Right now, I am able to control them using PWM and a MOSFET (IRLZ44) to modulate an incoming constant voltage signal. By varying the amplitude of the PWM signal at the Peltier, I recognized, that I...
  2. MrNams

    How to replace PIC16F676 with Arduino/ESP32?

    Hello All, I have auto switch for 3 Phase DOL starter with current sensor (using CT) and is working fine, i.e. is sense current and stop motor if it takes more current, it stops motor one phase failure, it working as expected, i just want to control it using ESP32 so that I read values and send...
  3. M

    Load Testing a Cars Battery Using an Arduino to Monitor the Results

    I am working on a project that involves monitoring a cars battery. I can measure the voltage of it using a voltage sensor, a display and an arduino but that doesn't tell me much about the health of the battery. After researching, what seems to be the most popular way is putting a load onto the...
  4. R

    ESP32-WROOM with SD Breakout

    Hi everyone. Experienced electronics engineer here but just starting to dip my toe into the Arduino world. Working on a small project that requires logging data to as SD card. I am using a ESP32-WROOM-32UE board: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/17381 I have wired this up (correctly I...
  5. T

    Implement speech-to-text using arduino uno(or any microprocessor) and send this to laptop wirelessly

    Hi I am currently working on a project that requires me to convert user given speech input to text in real-time using an arduino(either locally or send the voice wirelessly to my laptop for recognition in my laptop). Is there a way I could implement this only by using an arduino uno and a...
  6. B

    MOSFET configuration doesn't work on very simple circuit

    I have an issue with a very simple small board I designed in EasyEDA pro (I'm a novice so if the answer is easy, my apologies). I'm not sure I correctly connected the MOSFET in the schematic. Reference to Datasheet: https://atta.szlcsc.com/upload/public/pdf/source/20140314/1457707013919.pdf Part...
  7. S

    IoT flood detection and avoidance project

    Aim The first aim of this project is the design and implementation of a system that detects rain, automatically triggers an alarm or buzzer and switches on an electrical socket which turns on a water pump. The second aim is the design and implementation of a system that eliminates or lessens the...
  8. I

    Ideas for Arduino Pin Protection - Static Shock

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for some methods that would best work on helping to protect an Arduino (Due more specifically) from being damaged from static shocks. About the setup: I have an Arduino Due in a chair which is connected to many external devices using up about 14 different...
  9. C

    Connection of BTS7960 motor drivers to 2 linear actuators and synchronization

    Good day to you all. I have found some problems connecting wires to 2 linear actuators and motor drivers. Link of the source: Syncing Two Linear Actuators using an Arduino | FIRGELLI (firgelliauto.com) so I am confused why there are 5 wires for each linear actuator and where the three wires...
  10. C

    Can L298N run linear actuator, Sumret SRA6000?

    Good day to you all, i am new in arduino and electrical. I am trying to run the linear actuator model Sumret SRA6000 with motor driver L298N. Will it works? If not work, what motor driver can i use for synchronize both linear actuator and is there any source for reference? Thank you...
  11. S

    USB Host Shield Miscommunication with Arduino Mega/UNO

    I am trying to control two independent robots simultaneously using two Arduino Mega with USB host shield and xbox 360 wireless controllers (2.4 Ghz dongle). But I sometimes face the issue where the xbox controller disconnects and connects to the wrong host shield arduino mega. Is there any way...
  12. S

    Conflicting timers and/or interrupts in Arduino Servo Library and USBHostShield Library

    Hello, I am using the Arduino Servo library to actuate two BLDC motors and ADK USB Host Shield to control them using a USB dongle controller (XBOX). But I am facing issues particularly in calibrating the BLDCs and lose the host shield. The most probable problem I could think of is there are some...
  13. MrNams

    Can we make onboard antenna external?

    Hello, Sorry 1) if this is wrong place 2) Dumb question. I am working on smart irrigation project, I have Arduino connected with 4 sensors and 1 actuator, Arduino collect data and send to ESP32 using Reyax RYLR896 Lora Module connected to it. I keep all PCBs in one waterproof box, but this...
  14. A

    Simulating button press on monitor using transistor and arduino

    Hello everyone, I have next to no knowledge of electrical eng or circuitry and am having some trouble with my homebuilt arcade. The essence of my problem is that I want to wire both the computer and monitor to the same rocker switch. The monitor turns on via a button press that completes a...
  15. DonBradman

    Arduino pin getting input with just a physical touch

    So I have a switch connected via two wires to a two pin plug which is supposed to go in a two pin socket. One pin of the socket goes to 5V and the other goes to a digital I/O in the Arduino + GND (via 10K). When the switch is pressed and the digital arduino pin goes high, stuff is supposed to...
  16. O

    Arduino Based Automatic Fan Speed controller using LM35 temperature sensor

    This project is a temperature monitoring and fan control system. It uses an LM35 temperature sensor to measure the ambient temperature, and an Arduino microcontroller to read the sensor data and control three 12V fans. The system has three LEDs that light up in different colors depending on the...
  17. Shafty

    How to setup and use VS-Code (Windows) for Arduino Programming?

    Hi All, I am a very new user to Arduino Programming but have been developing Windows programs for more than a decade. Need help in installing, setting up and Using the VS-Code utility to code, program and build the Arduino Sketches using Arduino Programming Language code in VS-Code.
  18. E

    What is the best way to make load cells & HX711 amplifiers useable for reversible prototyping (no/little soldering)?

    I'm using 4 x 50kg load cells and an Arduino Uno R3 for an interactive music project where a dancer will perform on top of a stage with each sensor under the corners of a board 'stage'. I need to monitor each cell individually as these values will be sent to Max/MSP (an object-based coding...
  19. Moatassemkouz

    need help about my end year project

    i need help in my end year project. i want to create a smart parking using InfraRed Sensors and add some features like online reservation and payment Any help or Suggestions
  20. H

    Logic for flame sensor which is mounted on 4 DOF robotic arm ,so when flame gets detected it should lock /follow the flame

    note : 5 channel flame sensor is used which is mounted on the end effector of the arm,and the robotic arm scan does 180 degree scanning...So experts you are all in here.. hey listen m also using PCA9685 Servo motor driver to control the robotic arm ,,,i just only need the help in following /...