1. T

    Soundboard and Servos (Jurassic Park Model)

    Hello! I recently built a scale model of the Jurassic Park Entrance gates but when I was getting ready to finally be done with it I had the thought I could add a servo or two in order to make the doors automatic. In researching this I decided, well, why don't I add a soundboard and some mini...
  2. A

    Dying for a 1 wire switch IC similar to Maxim DS2413

    Well , I was looking for a slave addressable ic for 1 wire protocol which can control a single GPIO. The RS2413 is the most right IC I could find suiting my needs (however I need only 1 gpio). But in my country, I'm having difficulty finding this IC, also, if there is a little cost effective...
  3. SaMirakle

    Need Help Decoding Automotive CAN Bus Extended Frame Bits

    Hi everyone, I don't know why but I'm having a tough time decoding CAN Bus data frames, even after looking at many sources showing bit field diagrams of how the data is supposed to be structured. Background on project/goal My main goal is to connect directly to an electronic turbo actuator...
  4. snake0012

    AD8232 HELP

    Hi guys I am on a little project (ecg with an arduino) I followed all the topics , the diagrams to wiring , electrodes placement.... But never I can get an classic ECG GRAPHIC Please help Best regards AD8232 Gnd-gnd 3,3v -3,3 v Output -a0 Lo- dig 11 Lo+- dig 10 Sdn- none Code: Void setup() {...
  5. R

    Control TECs with Arduino and MOSFET

    Hi everyone, I've been reading many forum posts and articles about MOSFETS and reading their datasheets. Although I'm getting more comfortable with the topic, I still have a lot of questions. As I'm running out of time due to a timeline on my project, I decided to ask for help and see if what...
  6. snake0012

    Pressure sensor

    Hi guys I need your help to making work the pressure sensor MPS20N0040D (module with hx7110) , I uploaded the sketch , but I can't get a right graphic , it's seems to be not fonctional !!! It's the same graphe with & without the module connected To the arduino !!! Please help Best regards
  7. kjrr.2136

    Arduino Wifi/IR Universal remote with "ADD" button

    I want to build a ir cloner and transmitter for electronic devices (tv, home theatre,AC,etc) with NODE MCU so that i can control all the devices over wifi with my phone. There are may tutorials for making this type of project but all of them include manually inputting the "ir code"(not sure...
  8. H

    Custom standalone atmega32u4 pcb showing up as unknown device

    Hi there, I am having issues with a standalone atmega32u4 project i've been working on and was hoping someone would be able to help :) I have designed a pcb that uses the atmega32u4 to recreate the arduino leonardo. I have been able to successfully burn the Arduino bootloader onto the chip...
  9. Andrew Rudd

    wiring an arducam with the power line on a transistor

    I've set up an arducam mini 2MP plus with a nrf52DK (similar to an arduino for this set up) to take pictures. Ive got the board and camera working when the camera is wired with the VCC line and GND wired directly into the boards 3.3v line and ground pins. The arducam uses about 100 mAmps when...
  10. Kadav

    K thermocouple values not stable (Max31855) / Information on Relay

    Hello I have a max31855 Datasheet , using arduino (1.8.13) and I am seeing the values of the thermocouple bouncing, I would love to say that the problem lies in the code but the code uses a library that is a bit hard for me to understand . Or that the problem is in connection I also noticed...
  11. Kadav

    Hardware Board parameter missing in Matlab simulink

    Hello i am using Matlab simulink and the hardware board parameter section is missing, so i think that is why i am getting the error of "Could not execute target data map file 'template_grt_rtw\template_targ_data_map' or it does not exist. Stop the target, delete the template executable...
  12. Kadav

    Connecting nichrome wire to Arduino

    Hello If i connect a nichrome wire to arduino , will it be a short circuit ? or it will be a resistance that is connected to arduino , I need to heat the nichrome wire ....
  13. P

    110AC motor driver using arduino.

    Hello everyone, I am working on a project and don't know where to start. I worked with DC motors before but I haven't worked with AC motors, and I don't have much experience with 110VAC as well. What I have is a motor with 2 sensors. The sensors are used as end of travel switches. I already...
  14. Kadav

    controling Arduino output voltage using a power supply

    Hello i am new to programing and especially Arduino i am looking for some help I am currently working on a project where i need to drive an outuput voltage of 12v to a heater, but i want to use a power supply .. that i can manually change the values of the output I also have in my mind an...
  15. Spankyty

    Sparkfun Servo Trigger - Programming ATtiny84a from Arduino as ISP with Atmel Studios 7

    I cannot seem to program the ATtiny84a with Atmel Studios 7 with an Arduino Uno as the programmer. I got Atmel Studios 7. I opened the Sparkfun Servo Trigger solution. It asked me to upgrade or something so I said yes. I do not have a programmer but I do have an Arduino Uno with an ATMEGA328P...
  16. Othello7

    How do I send data to a Nintendo 64 (n64) console, from my computer?

    I have had this idea for a while now. "What if I could play with my friend on my n64 over the internet?". I realize I could just use an emulator, but I wanna do this with hardware. I can set up a program that can send controller data and I'll stream my TV, so basically all I need at this point...
  17. H

    tennis racket/ball speed/impact detection using the MPU-6050

    I have a mini project I'm trying to accomplish using an arduino nano and an mpu-6050. What my code does is basically trying to find the speed of the racket on impact and perhaps the impact force on the ball. What I have at the moment is that it it detects the interval of the tennis stroke and...
  18. J

    How do I manage voltage regulation for variable input

    Hey all! I'm trying to build an LED frequency counter. My input signal is an LED I'm using as a detector recieving from an output LED on my signal generator. I'm using square wave output to emulate pwm and my circuitry is going to process the signal to output a 5v logic output that can be read...
  19. D

    continuity tester

    Hi all I need to develop a continuity tester, i need to check a connector simply continuity between two ends of the connector using an arduino, using an transistor too but unable to find a circuit for it. How to connect transistor with arduino to make a project
  20. mike_the_begginer

    Arduino PID soldering station with zero crossing detector

    I build on bread board the attached schematic and I uploaded the attached code to an Arduino Uno. I tested each part of the schematic (the pot, the OpAmp, the zero crossing detector, the optotriac) and they are working. The problem is that when I start the circuit I got the attached screenshot...