New controller wires for dc motor

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I am new to this esteemed forum and require some assistance and advice.

I am trying to locate the related V+ and V- on my treadmill board (B102S S07 Shanghai Elect) to hook up on a Signal Freq Gen (XY-KPWM) to run my DC motor.

My treadmill console acts faulty (occasionally ask for safety key although installed) so I would like to replace it with a pwm controller to run the treadmill motor only.
So, I suspect for the four connections required on the signal generator are:

PWM = Yellow wire PWM
Ground= Purple wire GRD
V+ = Green wire VDD ?
V- = ?

Can you please help me locate the related wires from the lower control board.
Thank you in advance.



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You need to know the frequency of the PWM and also its amplitude.
Measure any suspected power source conductors for voltage, IOW, are they a source of voltage, or require it?
Are the conductors shown, going up to the console?
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