1. J

    Designing a stable and self-regulated halogen light source

    Need Statement (Not a lot of experience with power electronics, apologies). I need to power a low-voltage halogen lamp (OSRAM 64328 HLX, 65W, Nominal voltage 9.8V, 6.6A) with a 230V AC source. Additionally, I need to have the capability to digitally control the powering of this lamp, which I...
  2. M

    LTspice - Take Voltage and Convert to PWM

    Hi, In LTspice, I have a voltage. I want to convert it to a PWM. This is only for LTspice - it doesn't have to be a something that can be realised. Tperiod is 10ms. So if the measured voltage is 2.3V, and my reference is 3.3V, then I want a PWM to have a duty of 69% (2.3V/3.3V). So Ton 6.9ms...
  3. M

    Using an Opto to Control a Current Source to Create a Voltage Input

    Hi, I am using an FL5150 IC, that has a control pin ('dim') with a 10uA current source on it. Their datasheet shows a variable resistor 0-250k which creates a voltage of 0-2.5V. I want to drive/control this using an isolated PWM signal. I've simulated many circuits using the Vdd pin...
  4. Kadav

    Is it possible to control the Output of a motor using PWM ?

    Hello i am trying to create a PID system with arduino and motor and im trying to varry the motor speed as the PV reaches the setpoint.... So the power comes from the arduino (replaced the arduino by a POT for demonstration purposes )and goes to the gate of a MOSFET , but i thaught the MOSFET...
  5. S

    5v dc to 12v dc pwm design (automotive application)

    Hi guys I hope you can help I am by no means an electrical designer but I have a problem and are looking for a solution. I am trying to convert a variable 5v pulse into a rotation of around a max 2000rpm (12v motor) I’ve done some researching and a pulse width modulator maybe the way to go...
  6. Y

    Stepper motor braking - need to understand!

    A pal of mine has cobbled together a stepper motor, motor drive controller PWM generator (MKS OSC) & st-4045-a1 stepper motor driver. He can make it go back and forth but he's unable to make it brake or freewheel. From some things I've seen, it appears (based on my probably incorrect...
  7. C

    How is PWM implemented in Field Oriented Control (FOC) ?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to understand and implement FOC algorithm in MATLAB for a PMSM. I understand we are converting the 3 phase stator currents into 2 time-invariant stator currents: (direct and quadrature currents or Id and Iq, respectively). But I do not unsderstand how PWM is applied...
  8. R

    Variable PWM generator

    I need help with setting up pwm generator with variable frequency and duty cycle from around 10 Hz to 150 kHz, with important parameter of time 20 ns or less for the shortest pulse width. What kind of IC can i use in completing such circuit (not 555).< My profesor suggested using CD4538 IC >
  9. D

    5V PWM to 12V analog for lighting control. Arduino

    Hey, so I've got to build the circuit to output the signal specified below I've currently got an Arduino UNO and I have written the code to output this. however, I can only put out 5v from my Arduino and the circuit requires 12V and 10V output, being able to switch between12 and 0v incredibly...
  10. G

    HW Interface to detect Radio Control Receiver PWM signal

    I am using an Arduino Pro Mini to detect a PWM signal from a radio control receiver. The input pin on the Arduino is supposed to be limited to 20mA current with a max current of 40mA. I plan on using a 220 ohm resistor in the circuit. Do I need a .1uF cap to ground (and what kind of cap)...
  11. rodolfoviolac

    H bridge l298n in Parallel Burning Out After Some Time

    Hi Guys, I have a college project where I need to controll a motor (27V / 3 A), I used a H Bridge l298n in parallel to support the current, It worked for while and then stop but I don't know what was wrong. Does any body know anthing that could help me? The motor is a Maxon 118752 precision...
  12. Tamás Fegyvári

    BLDC DC Bus current waveform?

    Hi! I would need some clarification with a BLDC DC bus current.(Marked With IL on the picture) The motor is a BLDC with trapezoidal commutation and 20kHz PWM. I beleive that current is the 20 kHz PWM with an amplitude of the maximum current of the motor. Is it right or I misunderstood...
  13. F

    Pulse Density Modulation

    Hi, I would like to implement a Pulse Density Modulation circuit on LTspice. It substantially consists of cancelling some pulses, maintaining the period and the duty cycle fixed. Can you suggest me how to implement it? Please see the attached picture of the idea. Thank You.
  14. H

    Using 12v brake-light signal as a switch to ground a set of LEDs

    I just want to start by saying I have some knowledge, being an Industrial designer, but I am by no means an expert. I have a set of US taillights, that I have successfully converted to UK regulations (yellow indicators) and I am currently working on a dual function tail/brake light feature. I...
  15. G

    PWM - Average current

    Hello, I am trying to put a circuit together to operate a solenoid valve using PWM 25kHz, 50% duty at 12V. I have built a couple of really basic circuits to test this, the first uses a 12V bench supply driving the solenoid (12V 5W 450mA) via a VN1NV04PTR MOSFET on the low side. The MOSFET is...