1. J

    Please somebody tell me what will be output watts of this PWM circuit

    Detailed description and website link are below. Parameter: 1>.Product Name: pWM 4-Wire Fan Temperature Controller 2>.Work Voltage: DC 11V~55V 3>.Work Current: 0.1A(MAX) 4>.Fan Current: 5A(MAX) 5>.PWM Range: 5%~100% or 0% 6>.PWM Frequency: 20KHz/2.5KHz 7>.PWM Signal Amplitude...
  2. StijnC

    Single op amp PWM generator

    Hello, I have to design a single op amp circuit that has only +15v, -15v and GND as input and outputs a symmetrical PWM signal (+V and -V) with adjustable frequency and duty cycle. I have something that works partly but not completely, I can adjust the duty cycle from ±60% to ±100% but af that...
  3. ashokraj

    For a fpga, how can i determine maximum number of pins I can use for pwm ?

    Hi, I come from the background of microcontroller design. I am learning fpga design. Usually in the ucontrollers the total number of pwm is limited as per the vendors. In FPGA how can i determine the maximum number of pwm I can drive from a fpga. For example, currently i am working with...
  4. H

    AC/DC bidirectional battery charger/discharger Firmware/Hardware simulation

    Hi, My project diagram is similar to this idea, Lets say input is 3p 380VAC, 60Hz, Main Transformer MTR runs at 20kHz, DC output should be 50-147 v, charging current 100A. Should have CC and CV mode of operation. I need to implement FW with following facilities, 1. Shunt/ Temperature...
  5. Arduinoob

    MOSFET for boost converter

    I am making a boost converter following this Tutorial but I don't have the exact MOSFET. I have 2 motherboards laying around and they have some MOSFETs on them some of the names are: P3055, K3918,6670AL(datasheet inserted). There are high switching speeds but the datasheets don't have the max...
  6. H

    Controlling DC-Motor from incremental Encoder pulse signals using ATmega88, C code

    I have given the following C-Code to test a 60V DC motor with [gear box ratio 16:1 and incremental encoder to see if the code calculates the speed by reading the Pulse signal as feedback for µcontroller from encoder. The µcontroller is ATmega88A-UA. The encoder RE56-3-1000-TI signals 1000 ppr...
  7. T

    New controller wires for dc motor

    Greetings, I am new to this esteemed forum and require some assistance and advice. I am trying to locate the related V+ and V- on my treadmill board (B102S S07 Shanghai Elect) to hook up on a Signal Freq Gen (XY-KPWM) to run my DC motor. Background: My treadmill console acts faulty...
  8. L

    How to wire up PWM control chip to DC DC boost circuit

    Hello, I need some help connecting an 8 pin current mode PWM controller to my boost converter circuit. Specifically this one. I have used controller IC's with integrated switches to make boost converters before, however, the amount of power I need to run through the circuit requires an external...
  9. HazenAL

    Minimal Parts LED driver

    I want to design a LED driver that is compact and uses mostly SMD components. It will run 1 LED at 700 mA and 3 V, and be user dimmable with a PWM signal (0-100%) as well. Additionally, It will plug into a USB port to run off of 5 V. My question is that which design will yield the least amount...
  10. khuranarahul

    Modify Duty cycle by 20 to 50 times

    Hello I have a pulse wave coming from the photo diode, with T(ON) = 50-60us, and total time period is approx 20ms. Since this is too short a period (T1) to be detectable I want to increase it to 5ms, keeping the total time period same, that means I want to multiply the duty cycle by 20 to 30...
  11. 2

    Strange voltage spikes in MOSFET gate driver

    Hello, I have designed a TL494 half bridge power supply which simulates fine in LTspice but has some problems when soldered on a board and I can not figure out how to fix them. Schematic pictures are attached. 1. If I connect GDT1 and GDT2 as seen in the schematic pictures, the output...
  12. abcmann

    Creating a PWM-signal that works properly

    Hello guys, I am currently working with a mircocontroller for the first time. My goal is to achieve a PWM-signal (1kHz). While trying to generate the signal I encountered the problem that my signal seems to be moving horizontal due to inconsistancy in time up to 100 µs. The goal was to...
  13. H

    Controlling DC Current using PWM, but no pulsed output

    Hi. I'm pretty new to this stuff and theres a good chance something like this already exists but I just don't know the name of it. I have a big power supply capable of supplying a LOT of 12V DC current, and I'm looking for a way to control the output current using a PWM signal, but the output...
  14. Younes Thabet

    Can I2C and PWM be in the same connector?

    Hello all, I have a daughter board that resides about 1m far from main board, this daughter board contains buzzer and some ICs. I am already worried that I2C won't work properly over this long distance and now that I added PWM, I am afraid that will disturb I2C and lose connection between the 2...
  15. O

    Motor control 180VDC 2HP, 9.6 AMP. Currently 1 part is being burned up. If anyone has any ideas I would be so thankful.

    For reference, I have included the full schematic as an attachment and the board layout for reference. The general theory of operation: I have a Rasberry pi to act as a UI and the pi is connected to an Arduino via USB serial connector. The Ardunio sits on the board as a hat and this works...
  16. Mariachi

    PWM using 555

    I want to make a pwm generator with variable frequency. I notice that the capacitor is charged through R1, but the discharge? I don't know with what formula the duty cycle can be calculated in this case. Thanks!
  17. E

    PWM configuration with Timer2

    i want to use pwm in my project. I am using pic16f18875 controller and xc8 compiler. i have configured the pwm and i was configuring timer 2 for that. But i am not getting the pwm output. I am trying to understand the use of register TxRST in timer.I want to understand the use of TxRST...
  18. youtubeuni

    Convert PWM to DC 12v output for LED brake lights

    My buddy and I have been working on a project for the last 2 years, its a PCB board with 79 LEDs and built-in microcontroller taillights. We can controll every aspect of them... but we've hit a snag when it comes to power. The Volvo C30 uses PWM to send signals to the taillights. This needs to...
  19. E

    MOSFET gate , offset PWM questions

    Hello! A little about me , i haven't formally studied electronics, i do not own or have access to an oscilloscope. I have been researching about MOSFETs to use an IRLZ44N as a switch in a basic boost converter, on the IRLZ44N datasheet Vgs(th) = 1v to 2v, as i undertand this Vgs(th) is the V...
  20. Prajeet Anand

    PWM read with ADC stm8

    I want to read PWM signal with an A/D converter. Is it reliable to take 100 samples of adc data and average it out.Im still seeing some spurious values in-between my captured data. What would be a reliable way to acquire precise output?