dc motor control

  1. M

    Powering a DC Motor using a Bridge Rectifier

    Hello, My treadmill has been sitting around ever since the motor-controller board broke. Since I could not find a replacement for the board, I thought why not build a power supply myself. I do not need fancy speed control; one single speed value is enough for me, probably the value that makes...
  2. T

    New controller wires for dc motor

    Greetings, I am new to this esteemed forum and require some assistance and advice. I am trying to locate the related V+ and V- on my treadmill board (B102S S07 Shanghai Elect) to hook up on a Signal Freq Gen (XY-KPWM) to run my DC motor. Background: My treadmill console acts faulty...
  3. A

    Brushed 12v DC motor active speed control (no arduino)

    Hi, I want to actively control DC motor speed and I am looking for some hints on the corresponding control circuit. What I have found till now is classical control schems with Potentiometers (mechanical), however, this is not convenient for my use case. I am looking for a circuit that I can...
  4. Chiho9

    Reversing a dc motor direction when object is detected

    Hi everyone , Ir proximity sensors detects object nearby. I ones used it to drive a DC motor. So here's my problem, I would like to drive my DC motor and reduce the speed with a potentiometer and would also like to control the directions (back and forth). Most back and forth movements are...