Identify Fusible resistor, Sole F63 2014 treadmill motor control board

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Need help identifying this component, in the motor control board for my Sole 2014 F63 treadmill. I believe it's a fusible resistor but can't tell what size or kind.
Also not sure if this is the root of the original problem (see below) or just an added headache to slow me down and get me yelled at.

Pics (labeled in to right corner)

#1: 1- believe to be bad fusible resistor (FR), 2- believed to be good FR ( Used for reference to check #1, 3- power indicating LED (On when power to board though transformer), 4- speed indicating LED(see below), 5- dark adhesive, capacitors have good (increasing) resistance

#2: test point 1-2 good conductivity with beep, 2-3 no beep 150k ohms

#3: test points 1-2 (not R5, but fuse 2) good conductivity with beep, 0.03 ohms

Original problem:
The display on my F63 treadmill 2014 will not come on (no lights or display values) after a loss of power (unplugged, power outage etc), and the speed indicating LED on the motor control board blinks when the treadmill belt is not moving, will blink quicker if I manually move the belt, and continues to blinks when I disconnect the speed sensor/reed switch. When I power the TM on it beeps a few times then the led begins to blink ,but no lights on the display. I can get the display to work by disconnecting/reconnecting wires on the motor control board and the ones that connect to the display board, never the same solution twice. When I check connectivity between the speed sensor connection on the mcb and the wires to the display board the led stops flashing. When the wires to the display board are disconnected the led is solid.
If I use a hairdryer on the transformer and the large capacitor the led flashes slower and eventually stops. There is no fuse except those soldered on the board, there is a small circuit breaker on the back by the power switch and it's in the correct position. Any advice on how to solve this problem or on what else to check? I tire of this dance between me and the TM.