Alliance (Keys Fitness) Treadmill Motor Controller Help

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Kylan OC

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I am looking for any advise you may have on repairing an Alliance (Keys Fitness) treadmill.

My mom was running on it last night when it stopped suddenly then started to spark inside the motor cover. She immediately unplugged it and there was a strong burning smell.

I removed the motor cover and found what looks to be a resistor had blown up. Nothing else on the board seems to be damaged except part of a trace on the board below the resistor.

I released the walking belt tension and tested the motor with a 9v battery and it seems to work fine.

When the treadmill is powered on it reads error code SI2 which according to the service book means over-voltage protection.

I'm unsure if the board is even repairable at this point.

I have attached 5 images:

1. A picture of my board
2. A up close picture of the exploded resistor
3. A picture of what the resistor should look like (from the internet)
4. A picture of the sticker on the back of the board
5. A picture of the model of the treadmill

On the image of the good resistor the first band looks like its gold in color but on the shards of the old one in person it it silver.

Any advise you have that could help me would be very much appreciated. I would really like to repair this if possible..


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