circuit board

  1. BrokenBones108

    Broken guitar pedal project (Bitsbox muff)

    Hello, About a year ago I bought a Muff Guitar pedal project from Bitsbox. It was working well untill it broke last week. I took it apart and noticed the ground wire coming from the output has been pulled out of the board (the output became lose and must have spun enough to pull this off). Now...
  2. Gina2209710134

    Cat toy circuit board confusion and button dilemmas

    Hi everyone, I’m very new here and I’m currently working on a very small project that seemd as if it would be simple at first but is proving to be harder than expected with little to no tech knowledge as of yet. It’s a project for my cat & new kittens. They have a laser cat toy that turns on...
  3. B

    How do I make an Equipment ground

    I am building the Elenco AM/FM radio kit. And for a static power test it is telling me to connect my equipment ground to circuit ground test point 15 while the circuit is being powered by a 9volt battery. . I’m just pretty confused on what it means by “equipment ground” and what I can do to...
  4. BigOak14

    Cassette recorder microphone modifications

    Hi there everybody I have a new portable cassette recorder, but it has a terrible internal microphone, I was wondering if there was any way to unsolder the microphone and attach the aux cable of a lavlier microphone for better audio quality?
  5. G

    ECG ON TEENSY | Needed help in circuit diagram?

    Hi, I was working on a thesis project on a portable ECG device, I checked these CIRCUIT: VIDEO...
  6. 2

    How to get data from a circuit board with a microcontroller?

    Hi, I'm a complete novice in field of electrical circuits and have zero knowledge in this domain. Yet, I wanted to work on IOT but instead of using raspberry pi and similar, I wanted some data out of few devices. For example, I have a very old traditional treadmill which reflects the speed at...
  7. N

    Advice on Connections

    With a hobby build I have an issue and was wondering if anyone has any ideas? Basically I have a 12v plasma tube light with two female spade connectors, the circuit board I am attaching it to has a two pin JST slot. The circuit board has timed light and sound functions. So was curious if...
  8. J

    Please somebody tell me what will be output watts of this PWM circuit

    Detailed description and website link are below. Parameter: 1>.Product Name: pWM 4-Wire Fan Temperature Controller 2>.Work Voltage: DC 11V~55V 3>.Work Current: 0.1A(MAX) 4>.Fan Current: 5A(MAX) 5>.PWM Range: 5%~100% or 0% 6>.PWM Frequency: 20KHz/2.5KHz 7>.PWM Signal Amplitude...
  9. M

    Help with Rode Microphone Circuit Board

    I have an old Rode NT1 condenser Mic. I fixed it a couple of months ago by rewiring. I'm not good at soldering, but it worked. Then it fell from the mic stand and stopped working again. Upon inspection one of the wires had gotten loose from the circuit board. I rewired once more but have had no...
  10. Lambo Av

    Doubts on How Connector Works

    Hi all, I am currently reviewing this Degson DG2002-4.0 connector. May I know what does the arrow above the connector mean? And what do the holes beside the arrow does? Based on the photo below, there is this operating tool which can be...
  11. H

    LM7171 Non Inverting Amp Output Glitching

    Dear Team, I am designing a clock distribution network using LM7171. This opamp is used in the non-inverting configuration with a gain of 2. My input clock frequency is 2.4Mhz, Amplitude is 3.6V.I can see glitching at the output. May I know where I went wrong?Please find the circuit diagram...
  12. A

    Brushed 12v DC motor active speed control (no arduino)

    Hi, I want to actively control DC motor speed and I am looking for some hints on the corresponding control circuit. What I have found till now is classical control schems with Potentiometers (mechanical), however, this is not convenient for my use case. I am looking for a circuit that I can...
  13. S

    Bit Arrangement

    Hi There, I am new to EEE, so please excuse my lack of communication in expressing the question. I would like to know, how bits are arranged in circuits. for example in this document [pg. 10-12] ( it is stated that there...
  14. 8

    MAX8815 DC to DC step up converter circuit

    Hey, I have a question regarding a schematic I made, which doesn't work. Maybe someone could help me out. I tried to make a board which would take a 1.5V Battery and turn it into 5V. I used this IC: I oriented myself with the schematic...
  15. J

    Samsung 55 inch t.v. power board not working

    Recently new to the site, and babyfaced to working with circuit boards. Father in law was going to throw out a 55 inch t.v. and made a comment that the power board was the issue and that it would be an easy fix. Took the t.v. apart and found that the power board had been worked on before from...
  16. The diy pc guy

    Motherboard part

    Good day , i have a DIB75L-LENA board from an Acer Sapphire X995 that got short circuited ( a screw on the Graphic Card flew down while trying to tighten it up while the computer was running) and there is a part that got desoldered @R451 , need some help identifying the part and some tips and if...
  17. A

    Circuit board help

    I have a wireless keyboard case for my iPad mini. When it’s off and I put it to charge the charge light turns on. But when I turn on the keyboard it’s dead. I’m looking at the circuit board and I think it has to do with the battery. The board looks fine. Can someone help me ?
  18. K

    Alliance (Keys Fitness) Treadmill Motor Controller Help

    Hello! I am looking for any advise you may have on repairing an Alliance (Keys Fitness) treadmill. My mom was running on it last night when it stopped suddenly then started to spark inside the motor cover. She immediately unplugged it and there was a strong burning smell. I removed the...
  19. K

    Is this circuit board ruined?

    Is there a way to salvage this part of the board with soldering? When I was trying to unplug the connector that was attached to this board, I accidentally pulled the whole thing off (connector and it's 'housing', instead just the connector). So as you can see the part where the arrow points to...