Maximum width for through hole materials


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Can’t think of any reason there would be a naximum. Can you post a picture and dimensions of the connector? Or datasheet.


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Can you elaborate on your question? Check the datasheet for the connector you want to use, 99% of the time the manufacturer will have recommended hole and pad dimensions in the datasheet.


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If the copper is too large you can run into difficulty with solderability.
Use a thermal relief around the pad.


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Are the pins in the image not soldered to the holes on the PCB side?
No. You are probably looking at military spec'd connectors. Connectors of that type and size are not usually soldered on to the PCB. They are mounted on a solid metal panel.


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It would seem as though you are using a component for a different purpose it was intended for, MS (Military Style) connectors are basically intended for external in-line and panel mount connectors, easily accessible for connect/disconnect purposes of equipment.
If you require a PCT board connector, these types available that are more suited to this application.
Unless you have some non-conformable reason for the style you show?