power electronics

  1. J

    Designing a stable and self-regulated halogen light source

    Need Statement (Not a lot of experience with power electronics, apologies). I need to power a low-voltage halogen lamp (OSRAM 64328 HLX, 65W, Nominal voltage 9.8V, 6.6A) with a 230V AC source. Additionally, I need to have the capability to digitally control the powering of this lamp, which I...
  2. D

    Homework Help Power Electronics

    1) Enter your expression for the dc component of the output voltage V: 2) For the buck with input filter, enter your expression for the dc component of the L2 inductor current I2: 3)For the buck with input filter, enter your expression for the dc component of the capacitor C1 voltage VC1...
  3. emreanilterzioglu

    SMPS Vcc is not generating

    Hi guys, I am working on 12V 30A smps that has only 1V output. I haven't got board's schematic but I found one same like mine( Schematic Link). I measured high voltage capacitors (C2 and C3 on the schematic.) and bridge rectifier. They are working. Also checked power switching transistor on...
  4. tjthom

    Replacement Power Supply

    Hello! I have a small home-use electronic device and the power supply cord has been damaged and no longer properly fits into the device. (the device works; the cord is just damaged) I want to avoid contacting the company and dealing with their customer support; I'm hoping someone here can give...
  5. Mayank_2606

    Should I study Power Electronics?

    I am a second year undergraduate student from India, currently pursuing to be an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer. I have been reading about power electronics for a while now but realized that our curriculum does not have a subject in my branch, while Instrumentation and electrical...
  6. Kadav

    Heating a petri dish for samples

    Hello i have to heat a petri dish for some appliances using arduino and temperature sensor using PID , and i would love to know which recomandations of heater and Temperature sensor you can give me Please ps: the dish is for small samples . thanks
  7. R

    Fan Regulator Feedback Generator

    Hello Everyone, I need help in to generate feedback for fan regulator to the controller. 1. AC Fan require 1 phase Ac supply (230VAC/50Hz) 2. Controller require DC voltage in range of 0 to 3V3 3. System is able to support all type regulator, there different type's...
  8. T

    where to find the R_ESR of diode in Datasheet?

    I have been searching how can I read some important inofrmation for my PLECS model regarding this diode but could not find it. here is the link. I looked on google and I find some youtuve video on how to read a datasheet of diode but did not mention the resistance. link of the diode:diode
  9. F

    ESR variation of photoflash capacitors placed in series RLC discharge circuit

    Hi, I plan to design a series RLC discharge circuit as shown: Taking into account component parasitics, the actual circuit resembles the following: where: 'R' = capacitor ESR + load resistance + inductor ESR, 'L' = capacitor ESL + load inductance ≈ load inductance According to online...
  10. F

    LTspice simulation of RLC discharge circuit using voltage controlled switch

    Hi, I would like to simulate the discharge curve of an initially charged photoflash capacitor into a RL load as shown below (with component parasitics): A few things to note: 1. photoflash capacitor (C1) is initially charged to 360V 2. a voltage controlled switch represents a microcontroller...
  11. M

    3.3v PWM to 10V to drive Power MOSFETS with Low Rds on?

    Hello, I am designing and developing a low voltage Battery management system . i have designed whole circuit but in one small thing i am stuck. kindly help me answering it. Battery Pack specifications: 36 V 2.5 AH 10s battery pack. maximum voltage : 42 v Minimum voltage : 30v Power rail...
  12. aadi2096

    Heating control of a Induction Heater

    Hi Guys, I have been looking around and working with the ZVS IH for a while now. But the problem is that it needs huge current in low voltage. I was thinking of a High voltage Low current IH. But couldn't find any thing good. My main motto here is to control the heating effect. I am trying to...
  13. J

    Please help! 3-Phase rectifier + buck converter

    Im making a project where I need to rectify a 3-phase generator and charge a 12V battery. My buck converter is simulating fine using a DC source but when I connect my rectified power supply it messes everything up. This is my rectifier output. This is my schematic This is my rectifier's...
  14. Lambo Av

    How to shut down a wind power plant?

    Just curious, how do they shut down those wind power plants given their tall structure? What are the procedures to do it? Thanks.
  15. Lambo Av

    How to shut down a hydroelectric power plant generator?

    Was cycling near a hydroelectric power plant generator with my sister and she asked me if they can be shut down. I said "Yes, all power plant generators can be shut down". I wasn't sure, so here I am to get some inputs on the safety procedures from AAC readers. Thanks. Any input is appreciated!
  16. S

    How does a power converter regulate voltage effectively at zero load current?

    I am trying to get my head around how power converters regulate the output voltage at no-load conditions. My output pulses from substantially full load ~200mA to substantially no load 0A at frequencies anywhere from 100Hz to 100kHz. My question is quite clear already but, how exactly does a...
  17. N

    Confused over an easy plot about inductor current

    Need some insight about a plot found in the Fundamentals of power electronics second edition book. I don't really understand why it is written like this. Left side \( \frac{I}{V_{g}/R} \) can be rewritten to \( \frac{1}{D'^{2}} \) so it is basically "just" duty cycle. The book states that the...
  18. G

    CRS Robot & C500C Wiring

    Hi all, I need a little help interpreting this schematic and doing some wiring for the System Input/Output plug that connects to the rear of the C500C CRS Robot Controller. My goal is to get the plug hooked up to an Opto22 R1 Controller. I'm guessing I'll have to use SNAP-ODC5 modules. If I...
  19. F

    MATLAB simulation of pulse forming networking using VINPFN

    Hi, I am trying to use a set of open source scripts called VINPFN to simulate a type 'B' pulse forming network. An enhanced dialog input box is concurrently required to input various parameters of the network. The scripts are available on mathworks.com and the links for them are listed below...
  20. DanielLitwin

    Power Supply and Reference Points

    Hey folks. I’ve been working on a home project involving a low power AC/DC converter based on the power integrations ref (https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/328/rdr623-1487555.pdf). There were some minor changes, I added a current limiter to keep to spec, and in addition the circuitry has a...