1. K

    How to Safely remove NVRAM from programmer and put it into a circuit?

    Hi, I am using this circuit and software to write to the NVRAM: GitHub - crmaykish/AT28C-EEPROM-Programmer-Arduino: Programming the AT28C64B or AT28C256 EEPROM chip with an Arduino Mega In order to avoid the hassle of disabling Software Data Protection for writes to the 28c256 EEPROM, I...
  2. M

    SPI EEPROM 25LC1024 VHDL question

    Hi to all, I wrote a code for read a 25LC1024 EEPROM (Datasheet). I use this code: -- THIS IS THE VHDL CODE FOR READ 25LC1024 EEPROM. -- CLAUDIO LA ROSA LIBRARY ieee; USE ieee.std_logic_1164.all; USE ieee.std_logic_arith.all; USE ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all; ENTITY EEPROM25LC1024 IS PORT(...
  3. Yatin trikha

    Evaluating 1-wire eeprom

    We are working on a board and we need to read one eeprom with part number ds2432. It is 1 wire and connected in series with MCU. I have done making MCU development and evaluation kit. Not sure how to read ds2432. Please help me which programmer I can use. Or which evaluation board or circuit I...
  4. K

    When to use Pull-Up Resistors on read/write pins of Memory connected to the 8085

    Hi, I noticed that 4.7k ohm pull-up resistors are used in this circuit on the read/write memory pins: Saundby's MAG 85(scroll down to yellow text), but in other circuits where the read/write / io/m signals are decoded by the 74138 for example, pull-ups are not used? Is it because in the MAG 85...
  5. K

    8085 Address Decoding

    Hi, I think that this looks correct, please confirm. I am ONLY showing my connection to the 62256 32k x 8 ram CE pin that I added to the web page picture, slide 15: When A13,A14,A15 are all low, the 2764 should be selected. When A15 is high, the 62256 should be selected. Keiichicom
  6. Heroz

    What address does it save in EEPROM ?

    I watched Ben eater's video it's about building computer based on 6502 microprocessor and I'm stuck at part3 ( Assembly language VS Machine code). He was programing 32k at28c256 EEPROM and he programmed by assembly to blink LED. Here his code: And he uploaded code to EEPROM by Minipro TL866...
  7. marcotecnovolt

    EEPROM Broken after some hundred writes

    Hi community, I'm Marco from Italy, I'm an electronic developer and I like automation in general. I would like to share my problem with community, to know what do you think about this. I'm developing an electronic board for general automation purposes, on this board there is a STM32F104 that...
  8. O

    PIC16F819 External EEPROM (24LC64) with CCS C problem

    Hello, it's my first time playing around with external eeproms (ik this chip has internal eeprom but I want to experiment with external eeproms) I have a test setup where my chip connected to an LED and a button. so when I click the button a value (ex.: 5) should be written on my eeprom and...
  9. M

    How to bypass BIOS password on an SPI EEPROM

    Hey, first of all I would like to say that basically all of what I'm talking about is far far away from my comfort zone and everything I know is from a 30 minute research on this topic. So I am trying to reset BIOS password on an old ASUS X51L laptop because everytime I turn it on I first have...
  10. Iwannalearneeprom

    24C256 Checksum EEPROM

    Hey guys I am trying to find the checksum for a hex string. Below attached is the hex code that have checksum already found out and in the 2nd bottom I need to find the checksum 08 D0 1B 60 08 D0 1B 60 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0B 75 4B 00 00 91 DC So, in the upper hex code the last 4...
  11. Danielsuri

    Brown-out detection with an external clock ATmega1280

    I'm using ATmega1280 with an external clock and I have some questions about the "safe operating area" for preventing EEPROM corruption with BOD. The external clock is: Crystals 14.7456MHz 18pF HC49S SMD by CITIZEN, without clock division. LINK to ATmega1280 datasheet In the datasheet of...
  12. ashokraj

    Having issues with establishing a connection between totalphase I2c with EEPROM M24C32-RDW6TP

    I have started using total phase I2C host adapter. when I am trying to communicate with my target i could not able to communicate !! it is a simple process of connecting two wires of host adapter to my target but it is not working out. if some one has worked with any of these two parts( Total...
  13. danwastheman

    How to use an STM32 to flash a bios chip with a bin or hex file?

    My old PC motherboard's bios chips were corrupted and it's an old 1155 socket so there were no available replacements. I believe I have the necessary tools to attempt to erase and reprogram the chip, but I'm not sure what I need to do. There isn't much STM32 resources online to guide me...