How to use an STM32 to flash a bios chip with a bin or hex file?

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My old PC motherboard's bios chips were corrupted and it's an old 1155 socket so there were no available replacements.
I believe I have the necessary tools to attempt to erase and reprogram the chip, but I'm not sure what I need to do.

There isn't much STM32 resources online to guide me through this, but I'll post some useful links which I've found at the end.
But, due to COVID-19 and a nationwide lockdown, STM32 is all I can rely on.

I've already downloaded the bios' .bin file for my motherboard and converted it to a hex format with this online tool.
I can send my .bin if requested, but I can't upload it here as '.bin' is not supported.
I can send my .hex if requested, but I can't upload it here as '.hex' is too large.

Any assistance or alternative solutions would be much appreciated.

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H
BIOS: Winbond 26Q64FVSIG (SPI interface)
MCU: STM32F334R8
I also have a FT230XS USB-UART communication implemented.

YouTube Tutorial: Recover Bricked BIOS using FlashRom on a Raspberry Pi

YouTube Tutorial: How to unbrick or reset the BIOS password on nearly any modern laptop with a Raspberry Pi

GitHub API: W25QXX SPI FLASH Library for STM32