1. Y

    Building an ultrasonic underwater flash (strobe) trigger

    I have used underwater camera set ups with both fiber optic cables and wires to trigger the external flashes (strobes), but I'd like to build a wireless rig. I realize that radio is probably out, but what about using an ultrasonic system? I have not found anyone who has done this and really...
  2. M

    How to we can Use CDC-ACM connection in android devices for flashing them ? PLZ help me

    my pixel 6 is unbricked so win7 & ubuntu DM detect my phone as pixel CDC-ACM device in VM box : i will appreciate any try
  3. O

    Little help on TL866ii needed

    Hello guys, I have a issue with a electronical device for a very long time now and I've read before that I can reprogram the flash and fix my problem. So I've urchased the TL866ii PLUS and the appopriate adaptor. I have also desoldered the flash and mounted it in the TL866. Installed the latest...
  4. S

    [Resolved] How do I load a code in the Flash of a C2000 Launchxl F28069m

    Hello, I'm having difficulties loading my code in the flash of the F28069M to use it in standalone without connecting the USB. The code compiles without any errors, I changed the project to load in the Flash according to what I've found online (changed linked cmd file, added "#pragma"...
  5. Rahulk70

    Need help with identifying the 3 wires of this camera circuit

    Hi folks, I have this camera flash circuit from a Ricoh AF-70. I’m trying to identify what function the 1,2 &4 wires does in this circuit? The blue wire is definitely to trigger the high voltage to fire the flash. The other red and black wires the positive and negative of the batteries...
  6. danwastheman

    How to use an STM32 to flash a bios chip with a bin or hex file?

    My old PC motherboard's bios chips were corrupted and it's an old 1155 socket so there were no available replacements. I believe I have the necessary tools to attempt to erase and reprogram the chip, but I'm not sure what I need to do. There isn't much STM32 resources online to guide me...
  7. Feinberg

    12V LED Flasher

    Hello everyone, my unlce asked me if I was able to check out a flashing light for construction use ( Klemmfix Horizon 21307) and see whats wrong with because it didn't light up anymore. On further investigation, the batteries seemed to be fine (runs on 12V input) but the bulb (Xenon flashing...