[Resolved] How do I load a code in the Flash of a C2000 Launchxl F28069m

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I'm having difficulties loading my code in the flash of the F28069M to use it in standalone without connecting the USB.
The code compiles without any errors, I changed the project to load in the Flash according to what I've found online (changed linked cmd file, added "#pragma", "extern", "memcpy" and "InitFlash();"). I added the "LOAD_SIZE" function in the linker command file since there was none and the compiler gave me errors.

I set the S1 as follows: S1-1 L, S1-2 H, S1-3 H
in order to load the program (since it's the only possible configuration that activates the debugger and lets me communicate with the uC).

I know that to make it run from the Flash I have to set it on GetMode (H, H, L). But I don't know exactly when to change the switches, should I unplug the USB, change and connect the external power source? Should I change it when the USB is still plugged in? Do I have to press the reset button?
The code worked good when running from RAM, now when I load it in to the Flash nothing happens, no error messages from CCS, the memory gets erased and later the program gets loaded and that's it.

I couldn't find any kind of guide online for such a "simple" task so I'm asking for your help.

Attached is my project


IDE: Code Composer Studio Version:
Board: LAUNCHXL-F28069M
Debugger: XDS100v2
C2000Ware: 3.03


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Joined Apr 25, 2019
I uploaded an example that uses the flash, I programmed the uC with Uniflash and it worked.
I moved the entire project to the example project and it ended up working too. I don't know what the problem was with the old project.