1. O

    PIC16F819 External EEPROM (24LC64) with CCS C problem

    Hello, it's my first time playing around with external eeproms (ik this chip has internal eeprom but I want to experiment with external eeproms) I have a test setup where my chip connected to an LED and a button. so when I click the button a value (ex.: 5) should be written on my eeprom and...
  2. Rui Fernandes

    ZMOD4410 - I2C with MSP430FR2155

    Hi, I am currently working with a sensor platform to measure IAQ. One of the sensors that I am using is the ZMOD4410 developed by Renesas to measure TVOC. I am having trouble with the sensor's I2C. In the datasheet it says that the implemented transmission protocol is similar to conventional...
  3. S

    [Resolved] How do I load a code in the Flash of a C2000 Launchxl F28069m

    Hello, I'm having difficulties loading my code in the flash of the F28069M to use it in standalone without connecting the USB. The code compiles without any errors, I changed the project to load in the Flash according to what I've found online (changed linked cmd file, added "#pragma"...