1. vishweshgm

    Low cost debug probe for C2000 microcontrollers

    I want to use TI C2000 series microcontroller - TMS320F28377S. This is my first time with TI controllers and need your help to decide on cost-effective debug probe to use. As per TI website I can either use XDS100 or XDS200 which costs around 200USD and 400USD in India respectively. Then I...
  2. S

    [Resolved] How do I load a code in the Flash of a C2000 Launchxl F28069m

    Hello, I'm having difficulties loading my code in the flash of the F28069M to use it in standalone without connecting the USB. The code compiles without any errors, I changed the project to load in the Flash according to what I've found online (changed linked cmd file, added "#pragma"...
  3. A

    TI C2000 Ware: Cannot make CAN Rx work, Though Tx works MCU: TMS320F28379D. IDE: Code composer studio.

    Hello All, I am little new in programming micro controllers, and I am trying to make CAN driver work on TMS320F28379D using the sample code from code composer. I am using the control card as by followed link, http://www.ti.com/tool/TMDSCNCD28379D It has a docking station as by...