Low cost debug probe for C2000 microcontrollers

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I want to use TI C2000 series microcontroller - TMS320F28377S. This is my first time with TI controllers and need your help to decide on cost-effective debug probe to use.
As per TI website I can either use XDS100 or XDS200 which costs around 200USD and 400USD in India respectively.

Then I found this eval board of TI. The whole development board costs 20USD. I looked through this schematic of LaunchXL board and found there is a XDS debug circuit already available in it with on-board jumpers (attached schematic) .



Now my question is obvious, instead of going for 100dollar debugger, I can just purchase this evalboard and use it as debugger for any of the C2000 controllers? Or any third-party debuggers that are low-cost are already availaable? Please help.


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TI LaunchPad series of development kits are excellent ways of learning, prototyping and debugging TI MCUs.

How successful you will be in debugging your test code will depend on the toolset you choose, i.e. the software development platform.

IAR Embedded Workbench works well and offers free trial versions.