1. Z

    How to interface CMOS image sensors with 32-bit Microcontrollers?

    I've been learning to program 32-bit ARM cortex-M controllers with an STM32 Nucleo (L476rg Nucleo). I've been playing with interfacing and controlling stepper motors so far. My next step is to move on to machine/computer vision and incorporate image sensing however upon some searching (hopefully...
  2. T

    My HID doesn't output the correct values - STM32

    I'm making a force feedback wheel with an STM32F103. So I had to learn about HID. I made a very simple descriptor, to begin with. I'm supposed to see the buttons count in binary in the controller visualizer but they're random. Comparing the received value in USBlyser, when it's 0xA9, buttons 1...
  3. Kadav

    why should we work with STM(scanning tunneling microscopy) at low temperatures and in high vacuum

    Hello i would most importantly love to know the answer of why we should work with STM at low temperatures. I understand that we need to work with STM microscopy at high vacuum so that we can make the work function easy , since it is a metal to vacuum interface . but i don't know if that...
  4. zazas321

    STM32 + BLE module for super low energy application

    Hey. I would like to get some advice regarding the selection of the bluetooth module for the low power STM32 microcontroller. I also would like some general advice regarding the STM32 and bluetooth modules. I need to send some data on my STM32 few times a day, therefore I thought the best...
  5. V

    Boundary scan testing

    Hii everyone, I'm working on Discovery board STM32F407VG soc. I know it can do 1149.1 boundary scan test. i want to test differential signal on this soc. After googling I found that differential signal can be test by 1149.6 standard. So is it possible that 1149.6 debug circuit can be on the...
  6. A

    SWD USB connection

    I will be building my own board STM32 for my projects, I've noticed people always put breakout sockets for SWD. My question is why? why not make it connected to the usb port for simpler debugging/uploading code
  7. TrackerFX

    First time interfacing MCU with external SDRAM

    (Links are component datasheets or application notes.) I have a project using the STM32H series MCU that requires external SDRAM for data storage. Due to the size, the PCB is going to cost near $1,000 to fab and so I'd like to make sure that the design is correct before sending it to the board...
  8. vikrantsingh47

    Which is better, STM32 Nucleo or ESP32?

    I am looking to make some projects like rover, drone etc. And after i get comfortable, i might try other types of iot projects and machine learning projects. which mcu should i choose? i have already made some projects with arduino uno and esp8266, but some people have suggested to go with other...
  9. C

    Some software choices to make for a young company project

    Hi everyone, I’m working in a young biotech company developing a scientific instrument for supporting its technology. I write a post on this forum for having your opinion on some choices that are offered to us at this early stage of the development of the apparatus firmware. Our system has quite...
  10. C

    Does ST MC Workbench implement Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) ?

    Hi everyone, Could someone please let me know if ST MC Workbench implements SVPWM ? I have been looking at all features in the workbench but I haven't found any settings which allow tuning of the PWM algorithm. Thanks in advance.
  11. danwastheman

    How to use an STM32 to flash a bios chip with a bin or hex file?

    My old PC motherboard's bios chips were corrupted and it's an old 1155 socket so there were no available replacements. I believe I have the necessary tools to attempt to erase and reprogram the chip, but I'm not sure what I need to do. There isn't much STM32 resources online to guide me...
  12. C

    Is there any FOC Software available for STM32 Nucleo-64 G474RE board?

    Hi everyone, I have recently bought an STM32 Nucleo-64 G474RE. I want to use this MCU for Field-Oriented Control (FOC or Vector Control) with a BLDC motor. I have seen there are many libraries available and there is the ST Motor Control Workbench tool available. But I am confused as to which...
  13. S

    Stm32 control esp8266

    When I use STM32f103 to control the esp8266 WIFi module to send data to the network debugging assistant, the wifi is in the transparent transmission mode under the sta, and can send data to the network assistant, but it can't send 0x00. What is the reason?