1. johnson35762

    FUSB302 PD coltroller can not establish communication

    Brief: Want to use STM32L432 MCU and FUSB302B PD controller asking voltage higher then 5V. Question: Where am I set wrong of the PD controller? Is there anything else I need to consider when asking the PD source? Hi, I'm working on a project for digital auxliary power in card size. The...
  2. DvirIL

    Pushing a button press from a driver to 3 different transistors with tree state logic

    I am working on a project within my company that involves a relay board used to control three different motors when an external 24V button is pressed. The existing setup works based on this principle. Now, I have been tasked with designing a new board that maintains the current logic while...
  3. B

    STM32F446 booting

    The arm.developer.com states that "At Reset, Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 processors always boot from a vector table at address zero". How is it possible that f.e. STM32F446 has the vector table located at 0x0800 0000 address? I know about VTOR, but it doesnt seem that it is used there to do that...
  4. T


    Hello guys, Im working on a project. I did a keyboard on my nextion screen. When Im pressing a character on the keyboard, nextion writing them on a text bar. Example: User pressing ----> 'A' , 'B' , 'C', ' ', 'D' , 'E' , 'F' (Like sending name, surname) Text Bar Looking -> ABC DEF (Like...
  5. zazas321

    CO2 Sensor for IoT environmental sensor

    Perhaps someone had some experience with CO2 sensors? I am looking for a decently accurate and good quality C02 sensor for my my environment sensor board based on ESP32 microcontroller. My sensor board is being powered be DC power supply by default but it also has a small battery (800mAh) so it...
  6. ponas.jonas

    Calculating the prescaler and counter period for an external timer on STM32

    I am trying to get an external timer (TIM5) to toggle an LED at a certain time period. I am designing it to interrupt every 2 micro seconds. I use an oscilloscope to check whether it works as intended, but unfortunately it does not. The clock speed is 45Mhz And I calculate the period APBtimer...
  7. ponas.jonas

    [Solved] Motor’s Built-in Encoder Home Indicator Doesn’t Seem to Work

    I am playing around with an optical encoder built into a linear drive motor. There is a wire that is described as "Home indicator, TTL, Active high". I have connected it to PA4 on my Nucleo-F446RE (STM32), have set it to "GPIO_input" and have set the GPIO to "Pull down". I am trying to read...
  8. L

    looking for some MCU/ST product

    Hello, I am looking for STM32F417IGT6/400pcs and STM32G474RET3/960pcs. if someone here has excess stock to resell, pls contact me: <snip> Moderator edit: email address removed to prevent spam. A member can contact you via private message if required.
  9. marcotecnovolt

    EEPROM Broken after some hundred writes

    Hi community, I'm Marco from Italy, I'm an electronic developer and I like automation in general. I would like to share my problem with community, to know what do you think about this. I'm developing an electronic board for general automation purposes, on this board there is a STM32F104 that...
  10. S

    how to do Firmware Update over the Air (FUOTA) for B-L072Z-LRWAN1 LoRa Board?

    I am using the LoRa Development board B-L072Z-LRWAN1 and it has got STM32L072CZ microcontroller . I want to write the Firmware Update over the Air (FUOTA) Application code to this board. Please share me the reference code links for the Bootloader code or send me the FUOTA application code for...
  11. M

    STM32: can we use LPUART1 and USART1 simultaneously

    Hey I am new to STM32, I am using CMWX1ZZABZ_LoRa_Module. Can someone tell me if I can use LPUART1 and USART1 simultaneously? Are they Independent?
  12. see_toby

    I need a Microcontroller with a sampling rate of 50kHz or faster, to connect multiple sensors for edge computing and stability characterization

    I'm working on a project where I have to connect multiple sensors to a microcontroller. We thought about using Arduino mega but the sampling rate (9600Hz) is too slow for what we want to achieve and the machine data we're trying to analyze. We need a Microcontroller with a sampling rate of 50kHz...
  13. N

    Using an SiP chip.

    Hello everyone, i am currently designing a PCB for a school project and have some difficulties in it's implementation. I want to use an STM32 MCU and make a PCB for it, the MCU does not contain any wireless communication capability, so I need to add a WLAN module to it. I have chosen this chip...
  14. K

    HDMI output from STM32

    Hey everyone...a basic issue How can i get hdmi output from stm32? Do they have hdmi output themselves? if not what should i do?
  15. M

    STM32F407 software trigger a one pulse timer using HAL

    Hello, I have a question about STM32F407. I was wondering how to software trigger (not external trigger) a "one pulse" timer, using HAL library? Thanks for the help.
  16. S

    STM32F4 - Radiolink SE100 GPS

    Hi. I am using STM32F407VGT6 this one and RadioLink SE100 GPS. I am trying to get $GNGGA data via USART and displaying it in putty terminal. I am able to get and print data. After 3-4 minutes gps sensor led is blinking but no data is printed on terminal. /* USER CODE BEGIN Header */ /**...
  17. Y

    Tap on the LCD does not respond

    I made a project to implement it on LCD through both Arduino and STM32, but after I use Arduino, there is no response when I connect to STM32 to click, what is going on?
  18. C

    stm32f103c8t6 st-link connected but failing to upload code

    We designed a PCB with stm32f030c8t6. We soldered the PCB and tried to upload the code. Power has gone to the stm32f030c8t6 successfully but when we arranged a pin as a gpio output it wasn't high.
  19. A

    Why the initial state of Bistable multivibrator using 555 timer is coming high?

    I want to make a circuit for triggering the STM32 microcontroller into the Bootloader mode. For normal operation of MCU using flash memory the BOOT0 pin should be low and for entering the bootloader mode the BOOT0 pin should be pulled high. Presently I am using Bistable multivibrator using 555...
  20. B

    help me! i need lsm6ds33 HAL lib

    LSM6DS33'ün HAL kitaplığına ihtiyacım var. Elinde olan veya bana yardım edebilecek biri var mı? Mod Translated. I need the HAL library of the LSM6DS33. Does anyone have it or can help me out? bertp, Please use only English text. :)