How to bypass BIOS password on an SPI EEPROM

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first of all I would like to say that basically all of what I'm talking about is far far away from my comfort zone and everything I know is from a 30 minute research on this topic.
So I am trying to reset BIOS password on an old ASUS X51L laptop because everytime I turn it on I first have to click F2 to enter setup, then fail the password 3 times and then it starts to boot. I found this guide but after a bit of digging I found that it only works for I2C EEPROMS (this was after I spent an hour disassembling the laptop).
Is there any way that I can do the same with a SPI EEPROM?
(again, I would like to say that I have almost no idea what I'm talking about so please correct me if I'm wrong on anything)