USB-C input: using USB-C chargers/cables as well as micro-USB chargers/cables

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I want to power an Arduino project with external, regulated 5V (say up to 1.5A). For versatility, I would like it to have a USB-C type input connector so I can grab any 5V charger I have laying around at the time of using it that can deliver at least 1.5A@5V.

I read that connecting 5.1k ohm resistors to the CC lines and GND enables the use of 3A@5V max when using USB-C-->USB-C charger that supports this. That would be a good start. However, I would also like to use chargers (like a Samsung 2A@5V) that come with USB-A-->microUSB with a small microUSB-USB-C adapter that I have plenty of. Would plugging this in just allow me to use the VCC and GND to get the 5V at whatever current the charger supports? If so, I would also be able to use a powerbank right? As long as l make sure to only use supplies that can supply more current than the device needs.

I am definitely not an electrical engineer so I would love to hear whether my reasoning is correct or not from someone with more expertise on this. Thanks in advance!