1. Andreas.K

    Question about pairing 2 power supplies.

    I have a linear power supply for an old video door phone system with 2 voltage outputs +15VDC , +18VDC and they share the same GND. The +15Vdc is not working because the power supply is faulty. Can i install a 15Vdc SMPS to work alongside this old power supply? The DC outputs feed the central...
  2. N

    USB-C input: using USB-C chargers/cables as well as micro-USB chargers/cables

    Hi! I want to power an Arduino project with external, regulated 5V (say up to 1.5A). For versatility, I would like it to have a USB-C type input connector so I can grab any 5V charger I have laying around at the time of using it that can deliver at least 1.5A@5V. I read that connecting 5.1k...
  3. A

    Why does my stepper motor stop rising when I make diagonal movements?

    Hello, I am new to stepper motors and am having a problem. I have a machine that operates in all three directions (X, Y and Z) and has motors. When I do linear movements (one after another) everything goes well I reach a fairly high speed and I am able to lift my load. However, when I want to...
  4. Fishtacoburritosupreme

    Psu transistor please help

    Please can anyone help me determine what type and model of transistor this psu uses(voltage, amp, etc), the one it had were removed and I have no idea what Trans use D:
  5. Kadav

    controling Arduino output voltage using a power supply

    Hello i am new to programing and especially Arduino i am looking for some help I am currently working on a project where i need to drive an outuput voltage of 12v to a heater, but i want to use a power supply .. that i can manually change the values of the output I also have in my mind an...
  6. Gemmy101

    ATX power Supply - Broken Zener Diode

    Hey All, I have old ATX PS and I am trying to fix it and then will convert it to bench PS. after checking the PS, I found a broken Zener (or exploded) next to a broken resistor. I can guess the resistor value as it is not completely damaged, but the Zener is coming our in pieces and need your...
  7. Joaquin Valdez 1

    HFSSTC-Increase Current in primary/Reducing Switching Loss

    Hello, I have been build this high frequency solid state tesla coil for a while now and have tried quite a few different circuit with some success but ultimately I have fry a lot mosfets in the process, so far this is best I have came up with but I have a few problems. 1. Alot of these hfsstc...
  8. Dan Aronin


    Hi all, I'm interested in assembling a circuit that will be capable of CONVERTING 220V TO 5V@2A 10W (Edit: AC TO DC) The issue is that I manage to find only PRICEY, HUGE TRANSFORMERS like this. I know there are small circuit (example) available for purchase, so my question is - Where can I...
  9. S

    Charging & Powering Board Design

    Hi, I am looking to power a attiny85 with a LiPo battery, but I would like to have the ability to charge it through the same board. At the moment I am looking at the TP4056 with the FS312F-G and FS8250. So my question is, can I connect the battery to the attiny85 through the battery charger...
  10. zeeshandhillon

    Designing power bank circuit with BQ24195.

    I want to design a power bank control board for a single-cell lipo battery. The IC I have selected is BQ24195 by texas instruments. I think it is perfect for what I need. It comes with charge control, boost, voltage protection, I2C control, and many other features. But I have some doubts about...
  11. N

    From AC cheapest way to powerup electronics like our esp

    what else? Ways to Power a Project Here are some of the most common methods used for powering a project: USB Power Variable DC Benchtop Power Supply AC to DC Wall Adapter (like a computer or laptop would use) Batteries
  12. Lambo Av

    L293N enquiries for Robots with PIC microcontroller

    Hi, all. I have downloaded an L293N motor driver for my Proteus 8 Professional from the following website. https://www.theengineeringprojects.com/2017/09/l298-motor-driver-library-proteus.html Based on the video link in the website (or you can click here: ), it says that the 2 pins (unknown to...
  13. Lambo Av

    Obstacle Avoiding Robot using PIC Microcontroller

    Hi all, I am currently working on this robot with the guidance of the following website "https://circuitdigest.com/microcontroller-projects/obstacle-avoiding-robot-using-pic16f877a" The circuit diagram is as shown below The L293D motor driver module he used looks something like this while...
  14. AhmedKhouaja

    Chinese power supply troubleshooting : probleme to ask for...

    Hi guys ! First i'm new member here with you , and i hope you guys help me with my power supply kit problem: Like most people , i have problem with this kit wich is i get -0.45v when the V and A pot are fully anti-clockwise and i get only 5.1V when the V and A are fully clockwise. I checked...