Trying to hookup a linear actuator to photocell using a DPDT relay

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Hi there, I'm trying to follow this tutorial to create a circuit that will control a linear actuator by using a photocell via a DPDT relay which switches the polarity of the power to the linear actuator.

I'm struggling because I'm a complete beginner when it comes to electronics (and I mean COMPLETE beginner) but wanted to create this as automatic chicken coop door switches are quite expensive! I've wired it up the best I can with guidance but it's still not working unfortunately.

Things to note:
  • The DPDT relay I have is different from the one used in the tutorial, the one I have looks like this, so I've had to wire it up a bit differently.
  • The photocell I have is different from the one used in the tutorial, it has screw terminals which are 'LI', 'LO', and 'N'.
  • I'm using T tap connectors to split up my cables.
Here's a diagram of how I've got it connected at the moment:

Apologies for my terrible diagram but I hope it's easy to understand.

Thank you for any help at all!