Startups increasing efficiency in motors. Revolutionary ideas or old ideas dressed up with marketing?

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I was looking into companies or startups that were doing things with motors to improve efficiency. I stumbled upon Turntide Technologies, which has a partnership with Amazon. Turntide is making a software-driven motor that "enables precise and reliable control to effectively use every watt of energy to reduce electricity consumption and achieve optimal efficiency.

Then I stumbled upon, EXRO Technologies. "Exro's advanced motor control technology, the "Coil Driver", expands the capabilities of electric motors and powertrains. The Coil Driver enables two separate torque profiles within a given motor. The first is calibrated for low speed and high torque, while the second provides expanded operation at high speed."

Do you all think this technology has a chance to really have a big impact or are these old ideas with a little bit of marketing added to them? Thanks for any thoughts you can share.
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Take a look here.

My take on this is that there is plenty of room left for improvement of electric motors, particularly when the motor has a specialized application. Some of the improvement is the typical engineering stuff: Better materials, tighter tolerances, clever construction, etc.

But the really significant changes are coming from applying "unlimited" computing power, and high-power electronics, to controlling the motor. They can redesign the motor from the ground up to be controlled by modern techniques, things old Nikola could have never dreamt of.