automotive electronics

  1. M

    Help. Looking for replacement for power transistor.

    First of all, thank you for your kind help. The Rpm and gear selector of my guage cluster from the car decided to stop working. It's a digital cluster for gx81 Mark 2 (image for reference attached below). Upon initial diagnosis I found that one of the power transistor 2SC2334L had blown with a...
  2. Iwannalearneeprom

    24C256 Checksum EEPROM

    Hey guys I am trying to find the checksum for a hex string. Below attached is the hex code that have checksum already found out and in the 2nd bottom I need to find the checksum 08 D0 1B 60 08 D0 1B 60 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0B 75 4B 00 00 91 DC So, in the upper hex code the last 4...
  3. Wesleysouza

    Car eletric tailgate lift

    Good morning my friends, I'm looking to automate my car's rear door and wanted a cheap option just in case. is it possible to build a homemade Car Electric Tailgate Lift?
  4. B

    Startups increasing efficiency in motors. Revolutionary ideas or old ideas dressed up with marketing?

    I was looking into companies or startups that were doing things with motors to improve efficiency. I stumbled upon Turntide Technologies, which has a partnership with Amazon. Turntide is making a software-driven motor that "enables precise and reliable control to effectively use every watt of...
  5. P

    10 pin ALDL to OBDII Connector

    Good day: Does this seem correct to you? it's just going to be an adapter between a 10 pin aldl diagnostic port and obd2 diagnostic port. Thanks
  6. D

    How do I detect if a component is working if it's circuit is open?

    Hi guys, This is my first post here, so sorry if this is in the wrong category. I am currently designing for an electric vehicle and I want to integrate a discharge resistor and relay in parallel to working components (so that the working components are operating normally, but when the relay...
  7. Ganesan Magizh

    Electrical Over Stress - Looking your assistance to resolve the EOS issue in Automotive ECU.

    Dear Friends, I am working in an Electronics Manufacturer service (EMS) and we do PCB assemblies for Automotive products (ABS). We are getting many field failures due to components burnt issue. Mostly like diodes, ASIC, MCU and FET components are getting damaged/burning in the field. Whenever...