Sine wave generator with variable frequency (1Hz-500kHz)

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Stefy Puthuparambil

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I thought at first to use a VCO, but I didn't found any that generates a sine wave with 500Khz. So I thought to use a microcontroller, like Atmel o Arduino, but it's really difficult to create a PWM greater than 4MHz.
Do you know any other way to generate a sine wave?


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You did not answer the question.
We know that you want to generate sine waves 1Hz-500kHz, 5mA-10mA @ 100V-500V.
What are you going to do with it?


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Well, he did hint that he was going to manufacture a “device”, presumably for sale. Why do I think it will be a “medical” device, probably bogus. Hey, if he won’t rell us, we have the right to speculate.



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Oscillator: "AD9850 signal generator module. "
Amplifier: 500 volts peak = 1000 volts p-p = 1200 volt supply.
This transistor has no speed rating and may be slow. It is only 1200V. There are not many HV transistors in production now.
Here is another but I know it is too slow.
I have some old stock 2kv transistors that are not available from suppliers. I think we got 100khz and 300V out of them.
MOSFETS: HV and low current. mosfet Here is an example of a part.
500v ac 500khz will burn. It will peal the skin off your finger. I have seen and had burns from this. It is very dangerous. At that frequency you do not have to have one hand on ground to get hurt. If some one is going to build this it needs current limit!
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