Simulate PSoC in Proteus

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I am working on extracting strain gauge values mounted on my ATV (front suspension) with the help of a 20 bit ADC of PSoC. Before that I would like to simulate it. So could you please suggest how can I do this in proteus(or any other SW if not possible). Please help.
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I don't knnow proteus, but the most important aspect is modelling the strain-gauge to ADC input processing (buffer amps, etc.). Read up on this/watch the videos, should translate to most simulators.

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If you actually want to model the ADC (which I doubt you need to) pSpice for Cadence has a 20bit ADC model, but whethter that can be imported to other packages I don't know.


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It is not clear how much value there is, in simulating the ADC, if (big if!) the analog output from the strain guage is already available for you to use (observe, characterize).

On the other hand, if you were just working on the software or DSP portion, yes I can understand the value of simulating an input that is not (yet) available. You could get buy with a dummy driver that generates some values in memory and dishes them out. But then you are simulating your whole input channel, not just the ADC.