1. kidhu

    Op amp Circuit schematic diagram using proteus

    Can anyone provide circuit schematic diagram using proteus that, control the room fan speed (rpm) by the temperature of the room and control the room light (on/off) by the room light intensity using the thermistor and LDR and op amps?
  2. greenreign

    [Proteus to Breadboard] 74LS192 Decade Counter problem, ABCD output always at 1

    Hello everyone. this isnt really a homework but I wanted to get more experience with breadboard implementation since it will be useful in my future studies. Recently my class was on the topic of Digit Counters using BCD decade counters. I was fascinated by it and wanted to visualize the ABCD...
  3. E

    Triple-555 timer circuit not working in Proteus

    I am new to 555 Timers and Proteus and I need help to fix a circuit I have built. The intended function of the circuit is as follows. The logic is controlled by an external circuit but it is represented by switches within this circuit to purely test the 555 Timer functionality. The switches...
  4. vedaraj

    Why It is stuck in loop? RX pin is not receiving data from Virtual Terminal? #proteus

    This code is to simulate RFID reader working using AT89C51 in Proteus Software. Instead of RFID reader i am using Virtual Terminal for sending or scanning RFID, here in my case I am Typing ID in Virtual Terminal, string 'a' stores input and compares with existing string and gives Output. Problem...
  5. B

    Microelectronics Motorized Pinwheel proteus design

    I need to build the motorized pinwheel project in proteus. Arduino 328 should be used as seen in the 2nd photo. I will be grateful if you could help me.
  6. R

    how to change reference probe of oscilloscope in Proteus

    hi all♥ I want to measure the voltage between two points non of them is the ground how can I do it in proteus ?
  7. D

    Proteus x Mplab Source Code

    Hi guys. What is the difference between these two procedures for the reset and interrupt vector. One in mplab and one in the Proteus? org 0x00 ;reset vector goto Start org 0x04 ;interruption vector goto Start PGM code 0x0 Goto Start ORG 4 ;some code here PGM code Start
  8. J

    Dimmer Circuit Simulation Problem

    Hi I am trying to make a dimmer circuit with proteus. But it is not working according to our calculations. I am very new both in proteus and also learning about OP-AMPs. So I am not understanding what's wrong with the schematics. Both the current and voltage is showing zero. Here is the...
  9. W

    Power factor correction circuit with PIC16F887

    I have made a circuit in Proteus with the PIC16F887 for measuring the voltage, current , power and also power factor and display them on the LCD. In the circuit, the L1 and R5 can be any value as it is just a value for the load connected to the circuit. I was wondering if I were to place some...
  10. nanosama95

    Simulation not working well in Proteus?

    I'm not understanding Proteus or something I'm doing wrong, and it's really basic, I put a 9v Battery, a Red Led, simple circuit and a 10k resistance, so the led shouldn't turn on right? Well, is turning on even If I set a 1000k resistance...what I'm doing wrong? I've done things in Livewire...
  11. Mohsin Anees

    Debugging Constant-Current source

    What I'm trying to do? I'm making a constant-current source based off an existing design. The specs of the existing design are: Existing Design The design is of a constant current source capable of outputting 4-20mA output current from an input voltage of 0-2V. The Problem The problem is...
  12. P

    0 to 9, 9 to 0 counter

    Hi there, got a serious problem about Counters. i have to create "a circuit that counts from 0 to 9 then from 9 to 0 using two separate counters" and "must consider BUS concept". i used two 74192 and two 74153 Multiplexers ( for BUS ), one of the counters is ascending and another one is...
  13. S

    Simulate PSoC in Proteus

    Hello. I am working on extracting strain gauge values mounted on my ATV (front suspension) with the help of a 20 bit ADC of PSoC. Before that I would like to simulate it. So could you please suggest how can I do this in proteus(or any other SW if not possible). Please help. Thank you for your time.
  14. hacker15987

    BCD calculator (urgent help in project)

    BCD calculator with two input(A,B).. do (add,subtraction, multiplication, division at a time) using proteous anyone?
  15. S

    Assembly Language Program

    So we've been instructed to write an assembly language program to display numbers 0-9 on a common anode 7 Segment Display and simulate it using the Proteus Software. (8051 microcontroller) (And 0-F as well) I'm a complete beginner in this field and was hoping that I'd get some help here from...
  16. M

    PIC16F877A DS18B20 multiple sensors connection

    Hello. I have a problem with connecting N number of DS18B20 sensors on pic16f877 microcontroller on same pin in proteus simulation. I got it working with one sensor. But I cant get it working with multiple sensors (number of sensors greater then 1). So the C code needs to do next: when I connect...
  17. S


    Hello cool people, I'm new to Proteus and overall designing digital electronic circuits. I have to design a 4 BIT ALU unit capable of adding, subtracting, multiplying using full and half adders, so the information has to enter by 2 registers of 4 bits type D, and have a selector system that will...
  18. K

    74184 BDC Converter Doesn't Work on Proteus 8 Professional

    I am tryin to bcd to binary converter. I want to just try 74184 converter but it does not work. How can I fix it?
  19. Generation

    The ohmmeter shows wrong output resistance of an optocoupler in Proteus

    In the attached Proteus circuit I used optocouplers NSL-32SR3. Its dependence on the LED current is depicted in the attached graph. Unfortunately for some reason the ohhmeters show always 100MOhms, and it doesn't matter on the applied to LED current.
  20. Generation

    Is it valid to create your own model of optocoupler in Proteus?

    I'm modelling an all-pass filter which uses optocouplers with linear output resistance characteristics. The scheme is in the attached file. I was suggested to use any of these optocouplers...