1. M

    PIC16F877A DS18B20 multiple sensors connection

    Hello. I have a problem with connecting N number of DS18B20 sensors on pic16f877 microcontroller on same pin in proteus simulation. I got it working with one sensor. But I cant get it working with multiple sensors (number of sensors greater then 1). So the C code needs to do next: when I connect...
  2. S


    Hello cool people, I'm new to Proteus and overall designing digital electronic circuits. I have to design a 4 BIT ALU unit capable of adding, subtracting, multiplying using full and half adders, so the information has to enter by 2 registers of 4 bits type D, and have a selector system that will...
  3. K

    74184 BDC Converter Doesn't Work on Proteus 8 Professional

    I am tryin to bcd to binary converter. I want to just try 74184 converter but it does not work. How can I fix it?
  4. Generation

    The ohmmeter shows wrong output resistance of an optocoupler in Proteus

    In the attached Proteus circuit I used optocouplers NSL-32SR3. Its dependence on the LED current is depicted in the attached graph. Unfortunately for some reason the ohhmeters show always 100MOhms, and it doesn't matter on the applied to LED current.
  5. Generation

    Is it valid to create your own model of optocoupler in Proteus?

    I'm modelling an all-pass filter which uses optocouplers with linear output resistance characteristics. The scheme is in the attached file. I was suggested to use any of these optocouplers...
  6. Generation

    Problem with simulation in proteus???

    I built the circuit for simulating the all-pass filter by using optocouplers. But I don't know why its frequency response differs so much from the same but with the resistors instead of the optocouplers.
  7. electrocataru

    Proteus ISIS 7- I2C debugger

    hello everyone. can i use a sensor with i2c and a i2c debugger just to see if it's working? and how? (without the microcontroller) for example i attached a photo. thx!
  8. U

    using from 74185 IC (binary to BCD converter) in Proteus

    Hi, I try to design circuit that convert 10 bit binary to BCD with 74185 IC in Proteus, but when i run this project output of this IC like this attached picture is unknown(IC don't work!) and I did active enable. why? and how can give suitable output?