Simple project with DC motor

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My battery powered hair clipper has not enough power for my purposes. Therefore, I decided to remove the battery in order to get a larger DC Motor in it. I have already made a modification of the case and installed the new DC motor properly. Here are some stats of the new DC Motor: Nominal voltage: 24V / No load current: 0,08V / No load speed: 10.000RPM / Rated current: 1A / Rated load 200 gcm / Rated speed: 7800 / Stall current: 4.80A. I want to power the clipper with a notebook power supply which has an output of: 19,5V & 4A. The motor only needs to swing the upper blade from left to right and back again. Here a photo of the blade: Will the power supply provide enough power? Can I also use one with less output current?
What components should I also install: flyback diode? which one? fuse to protect the power supply? capacitors in parallel with DC motor for noise reducing or other purposes? Any other things which I should consider? Thanks in advance!