1. rohanroy93

    Simple FM Tuner Transistor Alternative

    Hi, I am trying to make a simple fm tuner as per the circuit diagram attached. Problem is, BF494 transistors are not readily available in my locality. Hence, I have used 2N3904 transistors as an alternative choice but the tuner doesn't seems to work. Can this transistor be used in this circuit?
  2. T

    Capacitor type

    Can anybody tell me what type capacitor isthis?Is it polyproplyne ,polyester or ceramic? Is it good for audio coupling?
  3. K

    Capacitor selection for EFT (Burst)

    Hello All, How I can choose right Capacitor for EFT burst on Supply line or I/O Port, it is related to clamping voltage, Peak current, time of Burst. it will helpful me and others also, Thank You
  4. tootoo

    Why is my Hoverboard Motherboard Making This Sound When Powering After Discharge?

    YouTube video with the sound What is this sound, and why does it happen? After discharging the motherboard (turning it on without a power source), and then powering it with a battery, it makes that high pitched noise (before the buzzer beep). Is it the capacitors charging? It makes the same...
  5. M

    Motor blowing the start capacitor, now throwing sparks from centrifugal switch!

    Hi all, I got a Delta 50-761 dust collector second hand and it has been giving me trouble. It turns on, fan runs, but it blows the start capacitor within seconds. I replaced the capacitor and it did it again. I looked at the centrifugal switch, thinking it might not be functioning and causing...
  6. Furta21

    Simple project with DC motor

    Hello, My battery powered hair clipper has not enough power for my purposes. Therefore, I decided to remove the battery in order to get a larger DC Motor in it. I have already made a modification of the case and installed the new DC motor properly. Here are some stats of the new DC Motor...
  7. saviobezerra

    Help with Protomat E33

    Hello! First of all, I'm sorry for the bad English, I'm using Google Translate for most of the text. I'm doing an internship at university in an electronics lab and I've been asked to print a capacitor using a Protomat E33, however, it's my first time using such a machine, I'm not sure I'm...
  8. R

    Combine grain loss sensor questions

    Hello, I am a farmer not an electrical engineer, but I have recently been trying to learn more about the electronics we use in farming. I have been trying to troubleshoot the grain loss system on our combine that hasn't worked in years. Keeping in mind that I am a farmer, as I understand it the...
  9. A

    Capacitor snapped from motherboard Supermicro

    Recently,i snnaped ,a capacitor,from my motherboard supermicro x9dae...im a newbee on things related to circuits...i try to find the capacitor online for replacement...but is so confusing for me...if anybody can read my post,maybe can guide me to find ,or a link where to find it...many thanks..i...
  10. K

    How can I place the Capacitor on a PCB that receives a single power supply and outputs multiple power out?

    Hello I made a circuit that turns on/off the fan according to the temperature and controls the FAN speed(PWM) and this is my PCB design this is 2 layer board and both GND plane the FAN Speed Control motor is 3A and the Comp FAN motor requires 4 A power before this circuit, there was no...
  11. B

    Determine Capacitor Value for Smoothing DC Ripple

    Hi Ladies / Gents - I am trying to understand this concept a little better. C = I / (2 x f x Vpp) "Vpp = the minimum ripple (the peak to peak voltage after smoothing) that may be allowable or OK for the user, because practically it's never feasible to make this zero, as that would demand an...
  12. J

    Smoothing voltage drops when cranking with a capacitor

    Hi All, I have a issue I am trying to resolve. I am using a timed output relay (Redarc TIM05) as a kill switch. Once a momentary button is pushed, an output is set at 30 seconds, supplying 12v to pin 86 of a 30amp relay that runs inline with the starter motor trigger. The issue I am having, is...
  13. Roxx.R

    Repairing a charger by a Newbie!

    Hello everyone, i am new here and i don't have any education about electronics. I have just learnt very basic things from internet and by breaking, modifying and damaging electronics..!! I have done assembling computers and repairing motorcycles.. i love fiddling with electronics.. Anyways...
  14. S

    Purpose of the Capacitor in this filter

    Hi, I do understand that the C5, L3, C6 form a pi filter. But what is the purpose of the other capacitors i.e C8 and C7? What purpose do they serve?
  15. Musakck

    Using mosfets to switch capacitors into series

    Me and my friends have been building a project for a couple of months now and we got stuck on on something we dont have much experience with. We need to connect 4 charged capacitors into series in order to have a higher voltage than the supply, we have been using relays and a arduino nano to do...
  16. E

    Can you help me with finding this SMD Capacitor?

    Hello, I have a guitar wireless (shouldn't matter) and it seems that a capacitor has burned out (picture included). But I am not even 100% sure this is a capacitor, the markings do not look like anything I've seen. The good news is that the PCB has several other devices that appear to be the...
  17. C

    Need help. What is this .1k in nf?

    What is this .1k in nf on this polyester capacitor?
  18. B

    Developed a power supply module, got the PCB connected to mains, Instant blew up of capacitor and inductor.

    Any idea what could be the issue or wrong with it?
  19. Younes Thabet

    How to search for a part number in Altium Designer libraries?

    Hello, I have a schematic in a pdf format (generated by Altium Designer) which has the below capacitors labeled LEC692. My first guess was this must be the Part Number but I didn't find it in the "Miscellaneous devices" library!! And also looking into the internet didn't give anything!! Can...
  20. SoulSnatcher

    Dual capacitor wiring issues

    Ok so I have a twin tub mini washer and I need to replace the capacitor because the washing motor has stopped functuooning. This machine has a round dual capacitor for the spin dry motor (which is still functioning fine) & for the washing motor which runs on high or low speed. It has four wires...