1. Albojk

    Understand capacitor value

    Hi all, recently I accidentally broke my pc keyboard with a usb hub overvolted. I found a burnt capacitor and I would like to change it before buying a new keyboard. I think its the same as another on the same board. Can you suggest me a similar capacitor I can buy? I am not able to understand...
  2. S

    RMS Voltage change of MLCC Capacitor with Frequency

    Hi all. So I know that the impedance of the capacitor changes with frequency. However, stumbling across a document by KEMET and their new stacked MLCC capacitors which allow higher ripple current, https://www.mouser.co.uk/datasheet/2/212/1/KEM_C1105_KONNEKT_KC_Link_C0G-1855982.pdf There are...
  3. Rahul Sharma 1

    which capacitor should I chose ceramic or tantalum

    I am having 2.8V on board regulator which is supply voltage to the EEPROM. Do I need to have tantalum capacitor near the EEPROM. Can Anyone please help me with what happen if I replace tantalum capacitor with ceramic capacitor. Thanks rahul
  4. M

    How Did This Circuit Go So Wrong?

    I built this circuit based on the examples in the datasheet. It worked. Transistor Q3_1 is BUJ100LR,412Bipolar Transistors - BJT Bipolar Transistors - BJT Trans GP BJT NPN 400V 1A 3-Pin https://www.mouser.ie/datasheet/2/848/BUJ100LR-1846655.pdf C2_1 is 4.7uF Tantalum Capacitors 20V...
  5. J

    Doubt on which type of film capacitor to use

    ']https%3A//i.ibb.co/wCPxShQ/IMG-20200826-174720.jpg[/img]'] Hi. I have a PCB which has a faulty Panasonic ECQ-UL polyester film capacitor that needs replacing. The capacitor is used as a capacitive power supply and the board goes haywire when this cap becomes faulty. The board is from a...
  6. Adrienboub

    VHF oscillator circuit w/ large frequency range and change according to capacitance value

    Hello, It's my first post. I'm new in electronics fields. I'm french and my english is not very good, excuse me. I want to make a VHF oscillator(~ 30 MHz) that his frequency can change with the value of the capacitance. I found in an another post the RF2506 which seems to works but it's...
  7. P

    Finding the Size of Inductor and Capacitor

    Hi, i have calculated the L and C value for filter circuit for Three phase inverter, now i would like to know the size and weight of the filter circuit for the L and C value i have calculated. Can anyone help me on how to do this ? Thank you. Raj
  8. K

    Diagnosing/repairing a Laptop motherboard?

    Hey guys! First time posting here! I have an Alienware 17 R3 laptop that I picked up broken to see if it was repairable (I like learning new skills). All signs point to a short on the motherboard, I plugged in the charger and the blue LED on the charger cable goes out immediately if I attempt to...
  9. Analog Ground

    How were "Outside Foil" connections on vintage foil capacitors documented?

    In another thread, I learned about the "Outside Foil" designation on one lead of some vintage foil capacitors. How was this connection specified on schematics or other documentation? Here is an example of the indication.
  10. P

    Polarized Capacitor in Reverse Direction

    What is the purpose of that capacitor there?
  11. John Czerwinski

    Correct replacement electrolytic capacitor.

    Confused on choosing the correct replacement electrolytic capacitor. For example, on an Atari AR I board (built in the early 1980s), the parts list calls for two (2) 3300 uf Aluminum Electrolytic Fixed Axial-Lead 35V. The original capacitor PHYSICAL size are relatively large. When you go on...
  12. bignobody

    First time using a Voltage Regulator sanity check, plus decoupling capacitors questions

    Hi! I've only soldered a few circuits before. Tomorrow I am planning on building a mono audio amplifier with a LM386 IC. I've a thread about it here (including a link to the schematic I am working from) https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/166673 The schematic uses a 9V battery, but I'd...
  13. Nik.T11

    Self-capacitance and material properties.

    Hello, While looking at some basic capacitor information I ran into a concept I hadn't really thought about before, self-capacitance. While perusing the article section on wiki I began to wonder if the material type would have an effect on the self-capacitance of a material. Essentially, my...
  14. Keith Robinson

    Alternative to centrifugal switch

    I’m renovating a very solid very old grindstone. I have broken the centrifugal switch that switches from starting winding to running. Before I attempt micro surgery could I bypass this method and use a capacitor instead? If so how to wire it ? it needs greater brains than I possess to figure...
  15. J

    Single phase induction motor trips breaker

    Hi, So I've got this rotary floor sander I've got to fix. When I opened it I noticed someone had fixed it before and 1 of the capacitors had swollen. I've been told it had been working for a long time before the capacitor broke. I assumed the silver one was the run capacitor and the blue broken...