Motor blowing the start capacitor, now throwing sparks from centrifugal switch!

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Hi all, I got a Delta 50-761 dust collector second hand and it has been giving me trouble.

It turns on, fan runs, but it blows the start capacitor within seconds. I replaced the capacitor and it did it again.

I looked at the centrifugal switch, thinking it might not be functioning and causing the capacitor to overheat. I disassembled, looked at it, gave the corroded leads a hit with sandpaper, and put it back together.

With a new capacitor in place, I turn it on. Fan runs, but sparks immediately shoot out of the open top of the motor. Here's a video of me starting and stopping the motor:

Not sure what this new problem is all about, or if my steps up to now have been helping/hurting. I have ZERO knowledge of motors, so everything I've done so far has been figured out through youtube and forums. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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Did you obtain a motor start rated capacitor.?
What you could do is leave the start cap out and give the motor a spin in either direction and see if it runs OK at the rated RPM.