centrifugal switch

  1. M

    Motor blowing the start capacitor, now throwing sparks from centrifugal switch!

    Hi all, I got a Delta 50-761 dust collector second hand and it has been giving me trouble. It turns on, fan runs, but it blows the start capacitor within seconds. I replaced the capacitor and it did it again. I looked at the centrifugal switch, thinking it might not be functioning and causing...
  2. Keith Robinson

    Alternative to centrifugal switch

    I’m renovating a very solid very old grindstone. I have broken the centrifugal switch that switches from starting winding to running. Before I attempt micro surgery could I bypass this method and use a capacitor instead? If so how to wire it ? it needs greater brains than I possess to figure...
  3. J

    Single phase induction motor trips breaker

    Hi, So I've got this rotary floor sander I've got to fix. When I opened it I noticed someone had fixed it before and 1 of the capacitors had swollen. I've been told it had been working for a long time before the capacitor broke. I assumed the silver one was the run capacitor and the blue broken...