1. D

    Limiting inrush current of DC Motor

    Hi, I am new in electronics and I could not resolve the problem. I have a hair clipper which is powered by a battery. Now I want to remove the battery and dc motor in order to power it with a normal power supply. My power supply has an output of 19.5V and 2A. Here is the datasheet of my dc...
  2. A

    Portable Washing Mashine Modification - Wiring Problem

    Howdy, It's my first post here, I've been trying to work the issue out myself, but where I'm at currently I've no functioning RDA protection on the mains breaker and I've no sacrificial fuse equipped power bar to plug my project into in case it causes a surge I'm trying to fix my grandma's old...
  3. C

    Protective elements for powering dc motors

    Hi everyone! I am building a robot that carries a drill to make holes in the ground. I have not been able to find similar size/power references regarding how to power the motors. I would like to know how to protect the battery and motor drivers, my specific questions are: - Where to place...
  4. isagollo

    DC Motor in parallel with a Voice Recorder Playback Module

    I’ve build a circuit using 3V(2x 1.5Volts AA battery)connected in parallel with a ISD1820 Voice Recorder Playback Module with Speaker in parallel with a DC Motor and a Red Led. When I turn the circuit on the LED brightness reduces and the recorded audio in the speaker doesn’t play. What should I...
  5. A

    Basic Motor Project

    Hey I have 12v dc motor I'm trying to attach nichrome to it to heat it up with a hand crank. Basically winding one end with the crank to heat up the nichrome but it isn't heating up. Do I need resistors or a higher voltage. I have about 3 Inches of nichrome on it so far but its not working.
  6. E

    Need help in understanding how to wire car seat motor encoders

    Trying to understand how to wire the hall effect sensors from a car seat motor. The part # given in the image below seems to be an Allegro device. I can't figure out how to wire these. Everything on the right of the terminals seems to be internal to the motor but not sure. It seems pin 2 of the...
  7. W

    MOSFET allows current through even when turned off

    Hi, I'm relatively new to circuit design and I'm trying to create a circuit to turn on/off a 6V DC motor using a microcontroller. To do this, I am using an N-channel MOSFET. The MOSFET appears to be working, because the drain to source resistance when the gate = 0V is ~10 MΩ, and when the gate...
  8. Droneman

    How to prevent back emf when forcing a motor

    Good day everyone, I am designing a sort of winch system, where the user can pull the package freely, and once they are done, the winch reels back up the string around a drum. I would like to use a DC motor connected to the drum to reel back the string. This means that when the user is pulling...
  9. T

    DC motor current limiter

    Background: I'm working with an existing motor+driver board with Vin being supplied by a 4.2V LiPo -> TP4056 Charger Protection Board -> Boost Voltage Regulator. I've also got another subcircuit attached to the end of the TP4056 module through another voltage regulator and diode that powers a...
  10. G

    How to attach wooden flywheel to DC motor.

    What's the best way of attaching a wooden (plywood) flywheel to the shaft of a DC motor? The flywheel is relatively small (4 inches in diameter). I'm still deciding on the motor, but the diameter of the motor shaft will probably be somewhere around 5/16 inch. I was thinking of just drilling a...
  11. M

    Treadmill DC motor receiving higher than rated voltage.

    Hello, My treadmill stopped working (i.e. belt no longer moves) with a loud popping sound. When I inspected the motor-controller board I found a damaged 22 ohms resistor that I replaced. Then, I decided to see if the board works fine, so I put the board back and I used my DMM to measure the...
  12. S

    Attempting to design an automated car shade, need help with the circuitry.

    Hello! I am trying to design a car shade (the thing you put up in your windshield to block the sun) that is automatic with the press of a button. I have an idea of how it will work and the design, but I am struggling with the circuit. Here is some background: The automatic shade will be rolled...
  13. katerineblankca

    Confirming Circuit Configuration.

    Hello, I am in a research team and is designing a circuit system for powering a motor with battery and supercapacitor. The battery and supercapacitor powers the motor separately and the motor gives regeneration power back to the supercapacitor (motor driver allows for regen). Can experts in this...
  14. reharik

    Convert 180vdc to 90vdc?

    Hi, I'm trying to to find a dc drive that will power a higher horsepower treadmill motor ~3-4hp. All the drives I've found will be like 1.5hp @ 90vdc/3hp @ 180vdc. But I don't have a 180vdc motor, the motors I'm looking at are all 130vdc. So I'm not sure what to do about that. Is there a...
  15. F

    dc motor control with 555 timer ic

    Hello İm tring first circiut. But i need implement this circuit with lm35 (temperature sensor ) . How i can do it ? if i use just potantiometre instead lm35 , can this ciruit can start ?