Need help in understanding how to wire car seat motor encoders

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Trying to understand how to wire the hall effect sensors from a car seat motor. The part # given in the image below seems to be an Allegro device. I can't figure out how to wire these. Everything on the right of the terminals seems to be internal to the motor but not sure. It seems pin 2 of the sensor is where you'd get the output from. However, according to this schematic, there is no way to access that pin. Do I need to provide a pullup from the OUT 1 and 2 terminals and then take the signal from there on to the board?

Screenshot 2020-12-04 at 08.21.35.png

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Some tachometer senders generate an AC voltage in that range. If not, you are probably right needing pull ups on out1 and out2.

2 outputs probably make a quadrature signal.