hall effect

  1. boodlefin

    Flow sensor integration with the Car electronics system

    I need to integrate a Fuel flow sensor mentioned here to the car dashboard system, so as to display the flow readings on the dashboard screen and/or to a seperate display screen when fuel passes through the sensor . I'm specifically using this device which has a Working Voltage: DC 5V~18V...
  2. S

    Meaning of Remanence Flux

    Hi, I am currently working on the design of a Hall sensor circuit. In that I have to select a magnet. Application is similar to Proximity sensing. Magnets are characterized by the Remanent flux density. I understand as the distance from the magnet increases the flux decreases in the fashion of...
  3. E

    Need help in understanding how to wire car seat motor encoders

    Trying to understand how to wire the hall effect sensors from a car seat motor. The part # given in the image below seems to be an Allegro device. I can't figure out how to wire these. Everything on the right of the terminals seems to be internal to the motor but not sure. It seems pin 2 of the...