Powering 4 Lasers

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Hello! Not sure if this is the right area but I’m looking for help or some ideas. I basically want to have 4 laser diodes for an alignment system for making T-shirts’ on my heat press. I seen these lasers (see pic) and want 4 without the 4 diff plugs. I know there has to be a way to join them all and have one plug? Thank you for any help or ideas. I’m gonna 3D print a stand to hold all for in a row just need to power them as one if possible instead of 4 plugs :(
Product Description:
Output Power: 30(mW)
Beam Effect: Cross Line
Operation Model: CW
Ellipticity: 95%
Beam Quality(M2): 1.5
Power Stability: 5%(rms,over 4hours)
Warm up Time: 1(minutes)
Working Voltage: 5V
Working Current: 250mA
Size(mm): 16*68mm


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Those devices in the picture are laser MODULES, which include both a laser diode and a current regulator circuit, and also a lens system. They are not just laser diodes, no matter what anybody says. They are Totally different.
In the picture the laser MODULE does not have a plug, and so it would be a simple task to wire them all in parallel. So I am thinking that you do not mean plugs, but rather power supply packages with individual AC 120 volt mains connections. And instead you want just one power supply with one mains connection. THAT is a simple project, but it will not come from that vendor. The solution is to purchase a power supply with an adequate power capability from a reputable source, such as DigiKey. I suggest a regulated power supply rated at 5 volts and two amps. That way it will not be straining at maximum capacity and it will last for many years. One caution is that the similar Laser modules that I have used all hade the positive supply connection common to the case.