1. Gallant74

    Circuit diagram, DIY keezer build

    Can someone help me build a circuit that is connected to a 115vac 60hz fridge compressor that runs ITC-1000f temp controller, i want to power a circuit properly with out killing the equipment I am willing to purchase any Amazon part! I have LM338t voltage regulators, I am inclined to install but...
  2. NYMM2346

    Suggested Re-Wiring/Testing for Ignition Coil/Spark plug of Gas Powered Tool

    Took apart this gas-powered tool to service the carburetor but wiring leading to the ignition coil/spark plug came apart. Unfortunately, the product manual doesn't show wiring connections, subcomponent is developed overseas and the company has only offerred to sell me additional parts without...
  3. edlamx

    Need help wiring lights for car ASAP

    Hey all I am currently creating a custom rain light for my car (Light on rear bumper that flashes 5 times then holds when brakes are pressed). At the moment the rain light has positive and negative connected straight onto the + and - of a brake light globe wiring. However it being super bright...
  4. S

    HELP! How do I power my LEDs?

    Let me begin by saying that I don’t know a single thing about electronics. I stumbled onto this website in search of an answer for my wiring question, so hopefully you smart people can figure this out. I have three LED strands, red, blue, and green. Each strand ends with red/black bare wires. I...
  5. E

    Turning Dehumidifier Compressor into Air Pump, Wiring Issues

    Hi all, So I've disassembled an old dehumidifier and want to turn the compressor into an air pump/compressor. The problem I currently have is trying to get the compressor to kick on. With the wiring configuration shown below, I have plugged it into an outlet and hear an audible beep from the...
  6. maitrey

    Design Reference Sources (NFPA, NEC Codes & Standards)

    Hello All, I am a young professional electrical engineer who has just started working in Automation field. We build customized panels including PLCs, HMIs, Pushbuttons, Lights, Relays etc., I have been searching for a reference codes and standards that can be helpful for designing and wiring...
  7. maitrey

    Software to develop electrical wiring diagrams (Training)

    Hello Everyone, I am a young professional who has just started working in automation Industry as an electrical engineer and looking for a light scale software to develop electrical wiring diagrams for automation projects. My circuits mainly consists of PLC, HMI, IOs, E-Stop, Switches, Sensors...
  8. D

    How do I detect if a component is working if it's circuit is open?

    Hi guys, This is my first post here, so sorry if this is in the wrong category. I am currently designing for an electric vehicle and I want to integrate a discharge resistor and relay in parallel to working components (so that the working components are operating normally, but when the relay...
  9. KasRAW

    How to avoide voltage drop on wiring my LED strips?

    Hello Let me start by mentioning that I have little knowledge in this field. LEDs I have: 12v 1Meter Rigid Double-row 3pin LED strips with 1.8A total draw (0.9A each row). For some reason, they have massive voltage drop. With 12v input they measure 10.5v at the end of 1 meter and the lights...
  10. C

    Powering 4 Lasers

    Hello! Not sure if this is the right area but I’m looking for help or some ideas. I basically want to have 4 laser diodes for an alignment system for making T-shirts’ on my heat press. I seen these lasers (see pic) and want 4 without the 4 diff plugs. I know there has to be a way to join them...
  11. toby159

    How to connect E3JM-R4S4 PNP Sensor

    Hi, this is E3JM-R4S4, brown and blue connect to power supply. I wanted to know is it either black or brown connect to +load and the white connect to 0V? If is it so, I don't see the electric flow.
  12. G

    CRS Robot & C500C Wiring

    Hi all, I need a little help interpreting this schematic and doing some wiring for the System Input/Output plug that connects to the rear of the C500C CRS Robot Controller. My goal is to get the plug hooked up to an Opto22 R1 Controller. I'm guessing I'll have to use SNAP-ODC5 modules. If I...
  13. S

    Wire Lighting system to bike using 12v

    Building a bike. I want to run the headlight, brake light to brake lever, LED turnsignals and handle bar switch to a rechargeable 12v. No, i dont want to buy a new flywheel and coil system for the motor. I would rather swap out 2 12v and leave the engine alone. So I know little to nothing...