Dual capacitor wiring issues

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Ok so I have a twin tub mini washer and I need to replace the capacitor because the washing motor has stopped functuooning. This machine has a round dual capacitor for the spin dry motor (which is still functioning fine) & for the washing motor which runs on high or low speed. It has four wires coming out of the top. On one side a Brown wire which connects to the spin dry motor & a gray wire which connects to the common or neutral wires. The other side has 2 yellow wires that both go to the washer motor.
Here are the specs from the capacitor:
TUV CBB60 Motor Capacitor
20+10uf +-5% SH 300vac 50/60Hz
I cannot find a dual capacitor anywhere with these ratings. Can I replace the dual capacitor with a 20uf & a 10uf single capacitors?
If so, how would I wire them?


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Hi SoulSnatcher,

Your description does not convey the wiring scheme for the motors.

A hand-drawn schematic / wiring diagram / photograph would help.