1. B

    Photodiode ThorLabs DET08CL not outputing what's expected

    I'm currently trying to characterise a NIR 940nm laser device that I have recently made. The main thing I want to achieve is to see if the laser is truly doing what the enable signal told it to. I began with a rather slow square wave - 1Hz at 50% duty cycle. I used a ThorLabs DET08CL...
  2. U

    Help with circuit of laser diode driver

    Hello. I restored a driver circuit for the laser diode using driver's PCB and Diptrace. Laser is Thorlabs S1FC635. I have some questions about circuit. I attached some pictures of this circuit. 1)I would like to understand role of the U2.3. "U2.3In-" is signal from drain of Q2.2. When I press...
  3. GrampsFish

    Sensor(s) to determine if plastic pickleball has hit target

    I made a 4' wide x 3' tall plywood practice wall, and drew an 18" wide x 10" target on the plywood. I would like to make some sort of sensor array that would be positioned about 1.5" off the plywood playing surface and sound a chime each time the 2.75" diameter plastic pickle ball tripped one...
  4. C

    Powering 4 Lasers

    Hello! Not sure if this is the right area but I’m looking for help or some ideas. I basically want to have 4 laser diodes for an alignment system for making T-shirts’ on my heat press. I seen these lasers (see pic) and want 4 without the 4 diff plugs. I know there has to be a way to join them...
  5. L

    Connecting laser in a simple circuit

    Hi everyone, I designed a circuit to connect one laser on it. This is the circuit: As you can see the output is 3 V what is needed for the laser. Can I connect it directly? What do I have to change if I want to connect 2 lasers?