Open sopc builder project with Qsys

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Hi !

I have in my hand an old project from someone else on a cyclone II with quartus v11.1.
The project implements a SOC with a NIOS II.

My hardware has upgrade to a cylcone IV.

For time saving purpose I want to open the old sopc builder project in the "Platform designer Qsys" from the quartus prime lite V20.1
I'm struggling with Qsys cause it won't open the .sopc file.

I read somewhere that you could just rename the .sopc to .qsys, but my first thought: "it could be risky", am I wrong ?

I read some litterature here :

Have you ever had this problem ? Have you some advice ?
Also I'm looking for the quartus prime lite V11.1 if there is no solution to my problem.

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You could use git or svn to save your project before renaming the file... then you can always go back to the previous version if something doesn't work properly.

Going from V11.1 to V20.1 seems like a big jump. I've been known to suffer through the use of older software versions for reasons such as this.

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Thanks for the answer,
As you said, it seems that the jump from V11.1 to V20.1 is too big.

In the end I downloaded the quartus 13.0, this one has Qsys but it can also import .sopc file, instead of the Qsys from quartus V20.