Ne555p problems. Inexperienced. Help..

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I can run it at 5V but the output is very small. This simulation can be run in ltspice or free online multisim.
when C1 is too small the 555 becomes erradic and unstable.
I like the NE555 I have used them above 2 MHz. I have had ok success making sine waves by adding a pi filter on the output.
you will be happy that you ordered a DSO we can all relate to that being an exciting endeavor and past time.

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Are there any books/sites I could use in my free time to start learning more about circuitry and computers. I'm obviously not even familiar with the basics.
I have an introduction to electronic design through college courses (Mechanical Engineer with a minor in EE), but I mostly took the introductory class (101, signals and filters, etc.) and then all the control theory courses because it meshed nicely with the mechanical degree. I never learned anything about digital logic, logic gates, CMOS/TTL, etc.

For a quarantine hobby, I bought a used industrial robot which I am working on getting running again (building my own controller). This forced me to figure out how to decode a proprietary encoder signal using digital logic. I had no idea where to start, but having a project and an end goal forced me to learn enough about logic gates and digital signal manipulation to apply it. And I was successful!

I found the education->Textbooks section of this website to be really helpful. It was a great place to pick up the basics. I learned a lot going through the Vol. IV - Digital section that ended up driving my design. I am not qualified to be doing electronics design professionally, but I feel like I gained a huge toolkit of knowledge from the project.