1. Z

    Preventing 555 timer fire for x time.

    I have been working to design a circuit that uses a 555 timer as a pulse width source. The circuit I have made works well but if the button gets held down the 555 just continuously fires. And then eventually starts to oscillate weirdly. I would like the 555 timer to fire only once regardless...
  2. TheMasterXXXXX

    Issue controlling PWM with thermistor

    I am attempting to use a thermistor to control the PWM of a 555 output. Ideally, I want the duty cycle to be 100% when hot (~90°C) and 0% when not hot (~25°C). I am doing so by placing the thermistor as R2 (RB) in astable mode with a forward biased diode in parallel to R2 (allowing a duty cycle...
  3. E

    Simplest way to generate 2ch clock 180 degree phase shift with 40% duty cycle 500kHz

    As the title describe. What do you think is the simplest way to generate 2ch clock 180 degree phase shift with 40% duty cycle and 500kHz frequency without any mcu/serial config input? Using two 555 cmos timers seems not like to optimal solution.
  4. M

    Amplitude modulation with MCU and NE 555

    Hi, I want to build an IR transmitter (~ 38kHz). My plan is to use a NE555 timer to generate the carrier wave (A-stable Operation), modulate it with a micro controller, and transmit modulated signal via IR LED. My question: Can I connect the micro controller output pin directly to the CONT...
  5. decltype

    Pushing TS555 to Mhz region

    Hello. A novice searching for guidance here. I'm trying to assemble a simple schematic that'll give me 1-2 Mhz (actually 1.65) square signal. After fruitless attempt at classical multivibrator with 2 transistors, I moved on to ICs. First tried NE555, but after some research I figured that it...
  6. Bbrandonparran

    Ne555p problems. Inexperienced. Help..

    Okay, so recently got into breadboards and learning about electrical engineering and computers. And by recently I mean 3 days ago. I have an ne555p chip. I am trying to make an astable clock signa for my projects. lI have no way of showing a diagram. R1-2k R2-100k c1 10uf c2 10uf(across +...
  7. K

    circuit using 555 timer that gives oscillations of frequency 'f' only after 't' seconds of power on or reset.

    thank you for your help and and point in the right direction is appreciated.
  8. K

    Mosfet not switching off with solenoid valve.

    I want to switch on a 12V 1A(peak 1.4A) solenoid valve for 0.1-3 seconds(set using a trimpot) and then switch it off. I'm using 555(operating at 5V, triggered by a IR sensor which operates on 5V only) in monostable mode to generate a 0.1-3s pulse, which is fed directly to gate of mosfet(IRF540-...
  9. Baio

    555 sawtooth and triangular wave generator: from theory to practice

    Hi, I was looking since some days for a schematic to build a sawtooth and triangular wave generator, then I found this schematic on an online simulator: https://www.falstad.com/circuit/e-555saw.html (I report the original link, obviously, to give credits to the person which has made this...