1. D. All About Circuits

    Problem with high and low of 555 astable timer

    Hello. I just wanted to give a brief introduction of the type and purpose of my circuit. The circuit is designed to turn on (go high) for a time determined by 0.693R1C1 and do this (go low) periodically after a time determined by 0.693R2C2. I got this operational by using two diodes D1 and D2 on...
  2. Bbrandonparran

    Ne555p problems. Inexperienced. Help..

    Okay, so recently got into breadboards and learning about electrical engineering and computers. And by recently I mean 3 days ago. I have an ne555p chip. I am trying to make an astable clock signa for my projects. lI have no way of showing a diagram. R1-2k R2-100k c1 10uf c2 10uf(across +...
  3. Gilsdank

    How to introduce 90 degree phase shift to 555 timer?

    hello, I need to generate 2 signals: a square wave of a pretty low frequency, say 10hz. Right now I'm using a 555 timer to generate the square wave. I also need another square wave 90 degrees out of phase. How can I do this? I've attached a picture of the signals I need. Thank you in advance.
  4. P

    Charge pump "Voltage Quadrupler"- data sheet error?

    I was just checking a data sheet for the MIC1555 (an IC similar to the NE555 timer), and came across the following circuit: I confess I find following such switching circuits a bit mind mending, but as far as I can see, surely this is at best about a voltage doubler: As the output on pin 5 only...
  5. S

    Attempting to design an automated car shade, need help with the circuitry.

    Hello! I am trying to design a car shade (the thing you put up in your windshield to block the sun) that is automatic with the press of a button. I have an idea of how it will work and the design, but I am struggling with the circuit. Here is some background: The automatic shade will be rolled...
  6. À

    555 ic reference problem

    I recently purchased a new 555 ic to generate digital clock pulse it work with +5v reference but not work with common ground reference. If you know whats going wrong please let me know.
  7. M

    Monostable 555 Timer Application Question

    I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to electronics and circuits so bear with any stupid questions I may have. I'm working on a simple DIY project. It is essentially just a box and the high level idea is that when the box is closed, a circuit is completed where it then automatically executes...
  8. Zack Maness

    Need help designing a power saving circuit for two strings of mixed LEDs. (I don't have a lot of experience designing circuits)

    I made a few Lichtenberg figures and I want to mount them in shadow boxes. I built some LEDs into the box (Three UV along the top and one red on the left under the blue tape) and I am planning on pouring about an inch of epoxy to cover the LEDs and disperse their light. For a power supply, I am...