1. greenreign

    [Proteus to Breadboard] 74LS192 Decade Counter problem, ABCD output always at 1

    Hello everyone. this isnt really a homework but I wanted to get more experience with breadboard implementation since it will be useful in my future studies. Recently my class was on the topic of Digit Counters using BCD decade counters. I was fascinated by it and wanted to visualize the ABCD...
  2. M

    AD8226 Instrumentation Amp Not Outputting Correct Voltage

    I've been working on this for the past few hours and I'm at my wits end. Basically, I'm trying to amplify an input voltage with a 100-ish gain using an AD8226 on a breadboard. I'm using a +/- 5V supply to power and op amp and using a 10 mV test for the input. I'm also using an oscilloscope to...
  3. K

    Jumper Wire from Blue and White Surgical Mask

    Don't discard your old blue & white covid-19 masks yet, first cut the top, remove the wire and strip the ends for a jumper wire. Ok, now discard the mask :-) .
  4. D

    Simple Timer Circuit - Will this circuit work?

    Hi Guys, So I've been trying to wire up a simple timer circuit on a breadboard. I'm a complete novice so I'm just following youtube Tutorials. I found this one video which shows how to do it but It's a little over simplified so I had to fill in a lot of the gaps which may be a source of...
  5. C

    Active filtering circuit design

    Hello everyone, I need to design a circuit on breadboard that give filtered outputs as "0.5-4 Hz; 4-7 Hz; 7-12 Hz; 12-30 Hz; 30-100 Hz; 100-1000 Hz" using active filter principles with introducing input signal. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
  6. S

    Shocked by beginner circuit kit

    I was trying to visualize a beginner circuit problem on my breadboard and I plugged in my circuit, touched a resistor and got a nasty shock. I am a cs student playing with circuits to build some logic gates so I really am a complete beginner. Why did this happen? How can I prevent this from...
  7. O

    Basic electronics, configuration of OPAMP circuit on breadboard

    Hello everyone, I am an optical Engineer, with a little electrical experience, but it has been a long long time ago since i have made any kind of circuits my self, however that is the "case"here, so i am hoping some one would be willing to assist me. Normally i would just purchase the component...
  8. K

    Decent quality breadboards?

    Hello. I have just joined the forum so perhaps I could literally start at the beginning. I have used several breadboards over the years purchased from overseas, and they have all turned out to be .. well to put it bluntly, ‘rubbish’. I have found a post on the forum where someone asks what wires...
  9. Bbrandonparran

    Ne555p problems. Inexperienced. Help..

    Okay, so recently got into breadboards and learning about electrical engineering and computers. And by recently I mean 3 days ago. I have an ne555p chip. I am trying to make an astable clock signa for my projects. lI have no way of showing a diagram. R1-2k R2-100k c1 10uf c2 10uf(across +...
  10. R

    Step-Down Converter Circuit Works on Breadboard but Not PCB

    Hello all! I have a problem where my step-down converter circuit works on my breadboard but not on my PCB. Essentially, I'm using a Teensy 3.2, a stepper motor, a stepper driver, a CANBus driver, and an encoder to be able to control a stepper motor and get position data over CANBus. I have it...
  11. x11

    Adjusting voltage

    I have a servo and an actuator, both connected to a breadboard, needing 7v and 12v power respectively. I don't want to use batteries. How would I adjust the wall plug 120v to 7v and 12v respectively? There are technically adapters on amazon, but I am not sure how to connect them to my breadboard.