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I am hoping someone can help me with this... (it is a DIY project more than anything else)

I purchased a robot vacuum cleaner last year and it was working well until about 1 month ago when it lost connection with the WiFi and when I pressed the reset button, I think I pressed for too long or out of order with the right process, and the device has stopped working! When I say stopped working, it turns on as usual with the power button, charges normally. I can see it connects to my Wifi network, but the process for re-enrolling it on the mobile app no-longer works and all the cleaning schedules have been lost...

Before you think I am wanting this fixed let me say that the help I need is reprogramming the flash, or resetting the firmware to default (clearing the RAM I assume). I actually was sent a new vacuum cleaner by the company, so this one is now sitting here unwanted, but apart from the problem above fully operational. I am therefore wanting to find a way to sort the software out, and need some help based on the chip inside it.

I have opened it up and I can find the 8 pin JTAG connection. The chip it has is a GD32F103 and I have very little knowledge on what the right hardware and the right settings are to flash this chip. I could potentially get the firmware (maybe even off the new cleaner as they are identical), but don't want to kill the PCB before even getting the software transferred. I have used a TFTP server to reflash a router in the past... but just looking for some expert help if anyone were kind enough to offer that!!

Many thanks
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