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    Boundary scan testing

    Hii everyone, I'm working on Discovery board STM32F407VG soc. I know it can do 1149.1 boundary scan test. i want to test differential signal on this soc. After googling I found that differential signal can be test by 1149.6 standard. So is it possible that 1149.6 debug circuit can be on the...
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    SWD USB connection

    I will be building my own board STM32 for my projects, I've noticed people always put breakout sockets for SWD. My question is why? why not make it connected to the usb port for simpler debugging/uploading code
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    JTAG or UART help needed

    Hi I am hoping someone can help me with this... (it is a DIY project more than anything else) I purchased a robot vacuum cleaner last year and it was working well until about 1 month ago when it lost connection with the WiFi and when I pressed the reset button, I think I pressed for too long...