1. M

    How to we can Use CDC-ACM connection in android devices for flashing them ? PLZ help me

    my pixel 6 is unbricked so win7 & ubuntu DM detect my phone as pixel CDC-ACM device in VM box : i will appreciate any try
  2. Bruno Malbusca

    SPI on SAMD21G18 not working

    Hello, I've been attempting to use SERCOM2 SPI Master on the SAMD21G18J but have been unsuccessful. I tried the configurations with SERCOM0 and SERCOM4, and they both worked. The most intriguing behavior is that when I initialize the SERCOM2 SPI, all of the other I/O pins stop working as well...
  3. Z

    How to interface CMOS image sensors with 32-bit Microcontrollers?

    I've been learning to program 32-bit ARM cortex-M controllers with an STM32 Nucleo (L476rg Nucleo). I've been playing with interfacing and controlling stepper motors so far. My next step is to move on to machine/computer vision and incorporate image sensing however upon some searching (hopefully...
  4. P

    JTAG or UART help needed

    Hi I am hoping someone can help me with this... (it is a DIY project more than anything else) I purchased a robot vacuum cleaner last year and it was working well until about 1 month ago when it lost connection with the WiFi and when I pressed the reset button, I think I pressed for too long...
  5. G

    What is required to create a device like Raspberry Pi from scratch?

    Hello everyone! I hope I'm writing to a correct forum. I want to find out what is required to create my own mini computer by myself. I worked with microcontrollers and created some devices based on microcontrollers, but now I would like to go ahead and create my Raspberry-like device. My...