Itel I/O chip on laptop motherboard is heating up when battery is connected

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Allan Swasta 256

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I opened my laptop (Accer) to clean it up like I've done many times before, but this time round when I closed it up it wasn't powering up. Not coming on and fan not moving, (but power light showing charger connected was coming on when I connected it's charger)

So I opened it up to check the connections by disconnecting and reconnecting everything.

I noticed a chip on the motherboard (ITE-IT8987E-1527-BXS-AC30AA)

Which is the I/O chip would become very very hot whenever I connected the battery to the motherboard.

The battery was fairly fine before I opened up the laptop, (it's a 2 hours battery, and had probably lost some power strength in the last month) . I opened it up because my keyboard was acting up, and hence in cleaning up the keyboard I cleaned everything else.

Nothing smells burnt on the motherboard.

Could the battery have decided to die as I opened it up??? Or is something on my motherboard damaged??

I'll be grateful for any help



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Some better focused pictures would help.
The whole PCB if possible.
Then hopefully you will get some answers.
What did you clean it with?
Good luck..............