1. Mr. Benson the Transhuman

    Circuit Design & Implementation

    I'm currently designing a Smart Helmet that's planned to have Sensors hooked up and sent through a PCB (with circuit protection and power components). So far how I've gotten is that since this project is homemade for a first time concept prototype coming to life, I have a USB splitter (up to 8...
  2. S

    RC circuit/Laplace transform/homework problem

    Hello i have a question about a RC circuit. Can i represent with Laplace Transform the discharging of RC curcuit and how i get the transfer funtion to represent the free responce of the system
  3. austinstudent

    How do you modulate this as well as draw the circuit?

    Hi there, Not posting this just for the sake someone does it for me, really just unsure how to go about it and would appreciate a detailed explanation for it. Please help if you can, I understand everyone is busy. Just trying to understand this grad level course. 1. If I could get help with...