1. R

    Servo motor torque current calculation

    HI , I am currently working with 3 phase AC servo motor and it is rated as 230VAC. I have the measurements of currents of the three phases - 1.2A, 0.8A, 0.8A respectively with load and rotating at 20 rpm. I want to calculate the torque using the relation Power = 2*pi*speed(rpm)*torque/60. for...
  2. F

    Electronic Engineers

    Good day , I hope this message finds you well , I am a first year student in electronics engineering , and wanted to ask some question about my project 1.What are some of the reason you choose to pursue this career ? 2.What struggles have you encountered at work and how did your math and...
  3. H

    Explaining the circuit diagram and so on

    Moderator note: English is the language of AAC. As a courtesy to a new member, a translation has been added to this post. In the future please use English for posts. Google translate or similar services are acceptable. TRANSLATION: 0-30 VDC STABILIZED POWER SUPPLY WITH POWER CONTROL 0.002-3...
  4. Allan Swasta 256

    Itel I/O chip on laptop motherboard is heating up when battery is connected

    I opened my laptop (Accer) to clean it up like I've done many times before, but this time round when I closed it up it wasn't powering up. Not coming on and fan not moving, (but power light showing charger connected was coming on when I connected it's charger) So I opened it up to check the...
  5. G

    What is the simplest switch circuit I can build for a 30-amp (220v) machine?

    I was considering using a Rele but they don't work very well with high current (the ones that work are expensive) since its a high current I need the circuit to hold and at the same time not have much resistance when the current is passing through it. Is there any circuit I could use? I think...
  6. Kabuta

    Subwoofer popping when switching on and when changing songs

    Kindly help, my 2.1 speaker system has a problem, the subwoofer pops up and down when switching on and when changing songs and usually there is resistor that heats up and the TDA 2030A overheats as well. What can be the problem please? Below is the speaker system circuit
  7. R

    Need your advices on how can I estimate the voltage at the terminals the thyristor switch

    I am working on a static transfer switch which aim is to allow supplying a load with 2 different sources in order to have a redundancy when feeding the load. The head to tail assembly allow the current to flow in 2 directions (for each alternative of the input current) The working condition is...
  8. Sahilp

    Question,help with sinusoidal voltage

    A sinusoidal voltage has a value of 80 V at 2.4 ms and it takes time of 20 ms to complete one cycle. Determine the maximum value and time to reach it for the first time after zero
  9. A

    Function Generator-Help.

    Hello guys! I have a problem, I want to build a triangular and rectangular signal generator with adjustable frequency between 5Hz and 1kHz , output current of 60 mA and Uvv=5V. I have a figure but when I increase Rf the amplitude increases and is limited after 100 Ohm. What should I do? Thanks...
  10. C

    Pest/Vermin control in Electrical Enclosures

    Can anyone tell me if there is anything written in any of the Regulations about vermin control for Electrical enclosures? I have read through the Prevention of damage by pests act 1949 and cant find anything relevant (correct me if I'm wrong). We were recently asked by a customer to find a...
  11. smokingwheels

    Whats around for car ignition controllers spark ignited

    From just looking at my 4 cylinder 2 coil engine it maybe possible to have some logic that divides by 2 and switches output devices via a switch on dash to fire correct spark plug. Thus by adding a Carby we have something useful if computer dies or in the outback.
  12. austinstudent

    How do you modulate this as well as draw the circuit?

    Hi there, Not posting this just for the sake someone does it for me, really just unsure how to go about it and would appreciate a detailed explanation for it. Please help if you can, I understand everyone is busy. Just trying to understand this grad level course. 1. If I could get help with...